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The area of Bajos del Toro is a mine of exotic places. Every time we go we learn more places that we still have to explore. On this occasion, we walked to Tesoro Escondido, a blue-ish river with waterfalls that seem from other planets.

How to get?
If they have 4 × 4 with Waze And if you have a car you can put Hacienda La Luisa and then the previous waze or you can go by Vara Blanca.

Call to reserve
8896-8017 Rosemary Cubero


Camping Area:Yes
Price:¢ 10000

What to bring?
Comfortable clothes for walking, jacket, swimsuit, towel, repellent, sunscreen, hat, beverages, snacks for a picnic and hot chocolate (for when you get out of the waterfall, it is freezing).

Distance:3km of walk
Facilities:Showers and bathrooms, space where you can eat.

We left San Jose early with a couple of guests and dogs, they were waiting for us in Bajos del Toro to do this walk we had wanted to do for a while.

The hike begins in a paddock where the cars are left, you walk next to the fence a few meters until you reach a path that goes down a bit until you come across a blue-colored stream and you continue walking along the path that becomes a bit slippery until we reach a giant paddock which you have to cross to the end, we made several stops to grab berries (there are a bunch) while the dogs ran happily in the field.

After the pasture of blackberries, we reached another fence that we crossed to get to the side of the river that we had heard so much about …

You first take a right and go down a short, steep and slippery slope to reach the bottom of the first waterfall. It is small, but the size doesn’t matter when it is surrounded by a very cold forest, the water seemed to have its own light, the pool was placed in a cave on the right side. This adds to the sound of the river, we wanted to stay there but we still needed to go to a larger waterfall that was higher.

Then we went up again and went upstream in search of the big one. About 20 minutes after walking next to the river and crossing it a couple of times for slightly slippery stones we reached the largest waterfall. According to the guide, many people stay in the first pond and never get to know this other one.

Visually it’s awesome, we got into the water, we almost froze while the dogs saw us from the rocks. Then we dried up, had some snacks and returned to the waterfall below where we were wanting to be a while longer. When we arrived I walked down, the rest of the team jumped into the pool from above.

We stayed here enjoying ourselves, taking pictures and then we went back to the pasture where we placed the Gopro to #PrusiaPatasBlancas to get some funny canine shots. When we got back to the car we changed and went to look for a tasty local dish from the same town and then returned to San José.


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