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Just an hour away from San José there is an adventure waiting for you that will blow your adrenaline to another level, flying like a vulture is something that should be in everyone’s bucket list, and it’s easier than it sounds.

How to get there?
Take Route 27 to Caldera and turn right at the Nemaclys sign.
With Waze

Vehicle:Every vehicle arrives.
¢ 28000 x 10 minutes
¢ 42000 x 20 minutes

Telephone:26343027 – 88193006
Time:You have to be patient to wait for the wind and be ready to fly.

What to bring?
Light and comfortable clothes, sunscreen, sunglasses and the desire to fly.

You can order food and drinks at the restaurant.

We took the road to Caldera at 8:30 am and arrived an hour later due to a detour where we expected to make our free flight. When we got to the top there was an access point where they charge ¢ 500 per person to enter the place, we finished heading up and arrived at the parking lot.

We got out of the car and were received by the owners with very good vibes. I think this is due to their satisfaction of fulfilling the dream of many people to fly, a super exciting experience that makes us feel more alive than ever.

After waiting for the ideal moment (there was so much wind) for the flight, they explained a couple of details and ready we went. The first was Glori, who landed on the beach due to lack of wind. She returned to the mountain by car and jumped off again for the second time and there she flew like a giant kite. And so we all continued the same, approximately 10 minutes of flight, the first 10 seconds is something stupidly amazing.

We normally see Caldera as a pretty mediocre beach and nothing woww … but from up top, it’s something else, really. One does not know where to look at and it really takes your breath away from all the hype.

The landing was quite easy for everyone, we just fell without problems standing on the grass, the pilot is super pro and makes it look so simple. Then for a change, we got hungry and went to the restaurant at the same place for ceviche and a great meal.

A perfect place to spend a day, without any hurry and accompanied by friends, family, children, and adults.

Curious fact
The youngest person who has flown in this place: was a 5 year old and the oldest person was a 100 years old man… Meaning, there is no limit to enjoy the desire to fly!

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