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Tucked into the jungle of Platanillo de Pérez Zeledón is a place that has a stream of waterfalls of all shapes, flavors, and colors for all tastes. Do not let them this pass you by and escape to discover them all, they are worth it.

How to get there?

It is between Pérez Zeledón and Dominical in a town called Platanillo.
With Waze

What to bring?
Trail tennis shoes, fresh clothes, towel, insect repellent, sunscreen, stuff to make a picnic, change of clothes and a good attitude.

Esteban Picado: 8980-5257
¢ 8000 entrance with guide + lunch (food cooked on a wood-fired over) + coffee
¢ 4000 entrance with guide

The thing is that we went wandering around a place that has waterfalls for all tastes and physical conditions in the area of Platanillo de Pérez Zeledón… When we arrived we parked in front of a ranch/dining spot with 4 large tables where the smell of lunch was rising.

After packing our junk we were assigned to Andy, a young boy who is starting to work as a local guide, he knew the trails (which are quite obvious) by heart. All the way down, it starts in ballast street kinda muddy and then it becomes a little path that as I mentioned before … goes down … and keeps going down until you get to the sign that says La Raiz.

La Raiz is the first waterfall and the one that is lower, it’s also the largest and the way to get down at the end is very slippery but so worth it. Tavo and I got inside the water in this one, it was really large because it had rained the previous night and we could not do much, so we decided to go to the second waterfall.

To go to the second waterfall we went through a shortcut, we suffered from the hill until we reached the second sign that said Catarata Sota. Here we deviated back as 200 meters to reach this waterfall. In my opinion, the coolest one, since it was not so violent and had a wall of giant water where we could relax and chill. Also in front of the waterfall, there was a mound of stone where we took the opportunity to picnic ChocoFrutas and Guayabitas Ujarrás to recharge batteries as lunchtime approached.

After the mini picnic we decided to go back to check out the last of the 3 waterfalls at La Ceiba EcoAdventures, this one was called El Tronco (it means tree trunk). We do not know if it is called that because it is much higher than La Raíz or if it is because we bumped into a giant fallen tree in front of the waterfall that crossed the river from side to side… The thing is this last one is also really cool and worth seeing since it’s very close to the main road.

Which waterfall is the coolest? Well, I think they are all neat and different, yes … the one in the middle is a little more cozy than usual perfect to just sit-eat-Vege out-and swim.

To end … we went for lunch at the ranch of La Ceiba EcoAdventures since we were starving for a change, it was a delicious typical dish, where we licked the plates clean.

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