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This place is very chic, relatively close to San José and with three different attractions. You can reach a viewpoint on the peak of a rock (Cruz de Guatuso), walk to a waterfall, explore a cave or simply lay down and chill on a meadow and vegetate.

How to get there?
From the school of Piedades de Puriscal on the left and go down about 1 km to the Trapiche restaurant on the right.

With Waze

Vehicle: 4 × 4
Parking:In the gravel road (it’s a safe town, but do not leave anything of value inside the car)
Rodrigo Campos 8729-0775
The farm is private, you have to call to authorize entry.

What to bring?
Fresh and comfortable clothes, sunscreen, repellent, hat, swimsuit, 1 liter of water and snacks to share.

Distance & Difficulty:
1.5 km – Cruz de Guatuso (easy difficulty)
2 km – Small stone cave (medium difficulty)
4 km – Waterfall with mystic pool (high difficulty)

To get here you can go by Puriscal or San Pedro of Turrubares (Route 27) and it is only an hour and a half away. The place is in a town called Piedades de Puriscal, located on the mountains in a quite broken land. Hidden among farms there are secret places that few know of.

The first attraction that anyone can reach is La Cruz, it is only 1.5 km away through meadows with completely harmless cows. Arriving is not difficult, although when we went we met with a dude (Luis) one of the local neighbors that was friendly enough to guide us. From where you arrive by car you then cross a couple of barbed wire gates, always walking next to a fence, passing a fallen tree and when you least expect it you see the cliff with a stone mountain in front.

Once you take into account the complete panorama of the place, you can decide what you feel like doing. Also, going down the mountain there are other cool attractions but it depends on how well your condition is to check them all out.


The Cross of Guatuso is concrete, small and can easily go unnoticed, but it is because the rock star is the stone where it is located and the view of the Pacific Ocean between the mountains.

After chilling around the cross we went down a bit until we reached a gravel road, we then continued a bit to find a cave. This cave is a mass of giant stones that work as a bridge for the road. There is no need for a flashlight inside, it is not very big and it has natural light.

After this we followed the gravel road downhill, sometimes we were a little confused with the trail, but after 3 km downhill, we managed to get to the waterfall. This waterfall is small, under the shade and with a tasty pool. Although we were going down, we had enough heat to cool down, the temperature was perfect and there was even a vine to use in the style of Tarzan swing.

After the dip, we made a well-packed picnic to recharge batteries and be able to go up the steep hill in a rush since there was a possibility of rain.

The curious thing with this place is that everything backward from what we are used to doing in our hikes. For example, you start at the top of the mountain with the cross and with the best view. Then they go down about 500m to reach a cave. Then, if you want to go down even more to the waterfall that is at the bottom of the canyon. Basically one goes down the first part, then relaxes in a nice paradise, and then almost has their lungs collapse on the climb back.

DATE OF THE WALK – June 2016

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