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Taking advantage of the fact that we were walking through the Central Pacific, we went to enjoy the sunset in a sailboat of Blangala with a strategic stop in Coyol beach.

How to get there?
From San José take route 27, then you have to exit on the south coast to Jacó and leave the car in the Los Sueños parking lot

Waze:Los Sueños hotel

What to bring?
Fresh clothes, swimsuit, sandals, tennis shoes, towel, sunglasses, hat, sunscreen, insect repellent, picnic food on the beach, and an excellent attitude.

89104432 / 87304088

We left very early from San Jose to go to see the Valle Encantado waterfalls and after having lunch in Herradura we got ready to go to see the sunset in the catamaran/sailboat.

The car is left parked in Los Sueños and there the captain was waiting to take us.

We went to the Bangala and had several sitting areas, one was like a couch, for more formal people, another was more relaxed with poofs and the coolest was at the front of the boat, like a net where you could get soaked at any time.

After a little bit of sailing between motors and the sailboat depending on how the wind was, we arrived at our destination Coyol Beach. Once here, our fancy friends got out some gourmet snacks to share. We, on the other hand, took out our usual snacks, bread and cans of tuna to make us a delicious sandwich and obviously steal some of the gourmet stuff, a piece of cheese here, a ham over there, a little sip of wine, etc.
The beach is white sand and super crystalline water, which was not appreciated so much since It was late but still the water lovely. Obviously, we took a while to cool off and it was very humid.

After eating and relaxing for a while they called us because it was time to go back to the sailboat to enjoy the sunset while we were going back to Herradura. It was too awesome, we had a beautiful sunset. And a wonderful ending to a productive Sunday.

Date of the trip: March 2019

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