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Hidden in Grecia, there is one of those places full of nature, with an enchanted
forest in which only the elves are missing. While being there, we had problems
understanding how such a cool place with lots of things to do is seldom visited. It
has camping and BBQ areas, a soccer field, trails, and a waterfall.

How to get there?
Alajuela, Grecia, San Isidro, Calle Rodríguez. 2.48 miles (4km) from the school,
San Isidro, Grecia.


What to take?
Coat, comfortable tennis shoes, food and a picnic blanket, hammocks, accessories
to play soccer, tennis, or Frisbee, and energy to get the most of it.
½ mile to the waterfall
1 mile to Carboneras
Schedule:Monday to Sunday.
From 8:00 am to 4:00 pm
Cost:Citizens ¢600 Foreigners $5

Some days ago, we heard about this place that in the end was a reserved forest.
This area was formerly pastures for grazing cattle, but 30 years ago, kids from
the area planted more than 3 000 trees, making the forest we saw.

As soon as we parked the car, the ranger welcomed us. He was pretty kind and
explained the map and the trails to us. There are three trails: Los pinos, El
panorámico, and Las carboneras, a total of 1.86miles (3km). There is also a trail
that goes through some private farms and ends up in Poas volcano –we didn’t
take it.

First, we went to the waterfall. The day was a little bit cloudy and halfway, it
started to rain; however, we have learned to enjoy ourselves despite the weather. On our
way, we went through different kinds of forest, seeing awesome trees and
different fungal species. There was one that caught our attention for its berry-
milkshake color. Then, we arrived at the waterfall which was bigger than we
thought. After that, we went back to another trail; if you have been to Prusia, this
trail looks similar since you arrive at a forest full of eucalyptus trees, with its
characteristic smell and the soil full of branches and leaves.

Later, as usually, we were starving, so we headed to prepare our picnic.

In other words, this was a perfect place to unplug and immerse in nature. And it
is perfect to go out with family.

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