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We went to discover the area of Biolley that joins with the one and only International Park La Amistad that extends to Panama, an incredible place, with natural wonders and spectacular projects that will surprise you.

How to get there?
Take the south Interamerican highway, passing by San Isidro of Pérez Zeledón, then continue next to the Terraba until you reach the detour that goes towards San Vito. After a half-hour turn left to get to Biolley.

WAZE: https://waze.com/ul/hd1sgqkdy4

Waterfall 5 km
La Amistad International Park 3km
Accessibility:Not Accessible

What to bring?
Fresh and comfortable clothes, trail tennis shoes, towel, swimsuit, pack for several change of clothes, repellent, sunblock, water bottle, snacks, and an excellent attitude.

Vehicle:High truck
Pets: No
Contact:ASOMOBI 2200-4250
Lodging ¢ 10,000
Breakfast ¢ 2500
Lunch / Dinner ¢ 3500

Halfway through Easter weekend, we replaced the beach for the mountain. So we went directly from Pavones to Biolley. We arrived in the evening at ASOMOBI and were greeted with a luxury dinner just in time to rest after that long trip. The next day we had breakfast at 6 am so we could leave around 7 am to a waterfall up the mountain.

We prepared all our junk and started walking at a decent pace with Victor who was our guide. At first, you walk down a paved street between farms with a spectacular view. Sun was out and the place was quite humid, also in this first part there is no shade until you get to the entrance of the path that goes down to the river of the waterfall, so bring a hat, sunscreen and something to drink.

The trail is in good condition, well marked, so we had no following the way. In the forest, it is nicer to walk because there is shade, besides it is all descent and you see some cool birds. Once down, you walk along the river until you reach the waterfall called La Cueva (the cave), it is called that because it seems to have a cave under the stream. The waterfall is small but super nice surrounded by a lot of vegetation, although the water is colder than it seems. Regardless this did not stop us from going in, fearless, we only had to tolerate Tavo’s whining for a bit. We took advantage of the spot to make a snack and they gave us some incredible star fruit popsicles. We then went to other waterfalls in the same river but below with some tremendous pools, stayed here for a while until we got hungry and prepped out stuff to go back.

Just before going back we had a small delay since I dismounted (Trejos) my shoulder trying to climb a stone, (I actually slipped when climbing it) thankfully between the 4 of us we managed to get my shoulder back to its place and I didn’t have to get a piggyback ride from Tavo the rest of the way.

The shoulder drama passed and we went back to ASOMOBI for lunch … After lunch, we went to see the coffee process and the history of how the project of this exemplary group of Biolley women began. After the coffee tour, we ended the day sipping coffee while the sun was setting in front of the balcony of ASOMOBI.

The next day we got ready early to go for a walk in the International Park La Amistad, on the way we met a man who makes chocolates in a completely handmade fashion, from the harvest of cocoa fruits to the drying and grinding grain.

After this, we arrived at the entrance of the National Park La Amistad, put on sunscreen + repellent and went for a walk along the path where we saw a lot of birds in a forest that left us wanting to see more. After the tour on the path of the park, we went to lunch at ASOPROLA.

When we arrived at ASOPROLA we came across a super crazy place, similar to a work by the famous Gaudí, awesome … even the bathrooms were incredible. So they told us about Pancho, he is the one who designs this madness and with the help of volunteers, they build the project using all kinds of waste, achieving something super cool.

Once we ate, we went to meet the famous Pancho, he greeted us at his house that looks more like a museum of stuff, from far it looks a mess, but then you realize that everything has its place, from old telephones, roots of coffee, motorcycles, cars to buoys brought from Coco Island … so do not hesitate to visit this great character if you come here. After Pancho’s place, we went back to ASOMOBI to rest for a while since the next day we had to head back to San Jose for presidential voting day.

Biolley is a good place but really the best thing is the people who live there, we are impressed by how hard working they are, almost every family has a startup or a family business that they are pushing ahead. In summary, the vibes are so awesome that they make the place a thousand times better. It is a place that you have to see to understand.

PS: We did not go to the ice cream shop that they say is the best in the world because it was closed.


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