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They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and especially If you want to do a trip, because to gain the strength needed for that hike or that walk you need what we call a “Breakfast of Champions” which is a classic pinto, eggs, and other delicious sides, so we recommend 10 places to start the day off right and not starve on the way.

Garabito – Limonal:
When we go to Guanacaste we know that by the time we approach Limonal, hunger strikes, and it’s probably mental because of stomachs know we are coming to Garabito for an epic breakfast. This is one of the most traditional restaurants.


El Guácimo – Tárcoles:
If you go somewhere in the central Pacific, you can make a strategic stop in this restaurant that is right before the Tarcoles bridge with crocodiles on the left-hand side (if you’re coming from San José – Pacífico). A typical restaurant that has a delicious breakfast.


Rosis Soda Tica – Nosara:
This tiny restaurant is in the middle of amazing beaches and It’s nice to know that in the middle of a town with a lot of foreigners there still exist these classic places.


Soda Tio Juan – Nicoya:
Excellent place with a great breakfast, It’s very complete, and one of the few that still add sausage to the breakfast dish. A mega bonus.

Waze: https://waze.to/lr/hd1g1zd142

Soda Tikal – Tibás:
More than a café, it is a tradition in the area, and they let us have buttery toasts. This place is in the city but it to hit up and then go for a walk.

Waze: https://waze.to/lr/hd1u0wtx3h

Soda Tala – San José:
Good Ol’ Ticos dare to go to the central market to eat a legendary Pinto …. good, delicious and cheap. It looks like a tamale but with a better filling breakfast, the perfect combination.


Coopetortilla – Santa Cruz:
Better known as ‘Las Tortilleras’ … it is one of those few places that still cook with firewood, so imagine how good the breakfast can get and how many people come out to experience the taste.


Soda Al Oeste – El Coco:
Close to the beach … it is one of those places that locals recommend, this means that it is yummy and cheap.

Waze: https://waze.to/lr/hd1g5czwyv

Chespiritos – Cerro de la Muerte:
Who passes the hill of death without passing the famous Chespiritos? for us it is a mandatory stop … and we also believe that it is the highest in altitude. You can create your own breakfast by going through a showcase with the best cravings you can imagine.

Waze:https: //waze.to/lr/hd1sqswsf3

Soda Típica Toro Amarillo:
if you are going to one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Bajos del Toro, then you must be patient and go to town to this lovely little restaurant, it’s neat, clean, and they serve an epic breakfast, cooked with love and it leaves you wanting more.

Waze:https: //waze.to/lr/hd1u41exc0


We’ll just leave this here and go get a bite to eat


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