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Hiking Costa Rica is a blast but there are certain places where access is a bit more complicated, which makes the destination more enjoyable, so below we recommend the 10 best places to go in 4 × 4. If you do not have one, do not worry there are options like renting a car in Adobe Rent a Car.

1. Catarata Vino Tinto – Santa Maria de Dota
These are waterfalls insane, these are hidden in Santa Maria de Dota … the road to get there is spectacular because you can see the sea! It is totally worth going here.

Cataratas Vino Tinto – Santa María de Dota

2. Cerro Ojo de Agua and La Maravilla Waterfall – San José
In the Legua de Los Naranjos area there are two impressive spots that can be done together or separately, and best of all, they are newly discovered. One of them is a hill with a crazy view and the other is a waterfall with a combo of 3 waterfalls.

Cerro Ojo De Agua & Catarata La Maravilla

3. Finca Bellavista – Puntarenas
Imagine spending a weekend in a tree house that’s surrounded by waterfalls, pools, trails in an awesome jungle. So, we went to Puntarenas where we had a blast since we arrived … it’s quite an experience.


4, Locos por el Bosque – Coronado (Crazy for the forest)
This place is way up there and its forest made us fall in love … Maybe that’s how it got its name which defines its inhabitants, who are its guardians, guides and hosts.

Locos por el Bosque – Coronado

5. La Ventolera – Escazú
If there is something nice that our country teaches us, it’s that we do not have to travel hundreds of kilometers to arrive at special places, where we can have a great time without spending much
In this trip we had a regression, this took us back to our childhood memories with outdoor games that should not be forgotten between so much work, stress, and technology.


6. Pozo Verde (Green Well) – San Carlos
This place is awesome since there is a lagoon of volcanic origin, with emerald waters and a depth of 15 meters, also its paddocks and vegetation is lovely, it’s also located in the ‘Water Park’ as it is popularly known.

Pozo Verde

7. Olán – Buenos Aires
Hidden in the mountain of Buenos Aires of Puntarenas, there’s this natural wonder that everyone talks about. The road is complicated but its views make it worthwhile.


8. The Fight – San José
We went camping in a dreamy town, located in the middle of Cerro de la Muerte. This place has a very nice lake surrounded by trails and ideal places to picnic with friends and family.

La Lucha – San José

9. Cerro Dragón – San José
There’s the gossip of a mystical mountain of Tarbaca but we did not expect it to be so epic and for the people to be so friendly and everything so organized.


10. Los Campesino Waterfall – San Lorenzo de Tarrazú
We went to see some waterfalls with the best rope bridge in the world, close to Quepos. It was recommended to us by Sandy, a follower of our page, very cool chick. The road to get there was epic and the waterfalls even better.

Cataratas Los Campesinos – San Lorenzo de Tarrazú

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