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We explore, we discover incredible places and recommend them, our country to us is a place filled with beautiful landscapes and endless possibilities. .

During the time we’ve been doing this, we’ve had some incredible experiences, but the best one of all has been realizing that due to our recommendation tips, we’ve been able to encourage so many people to go out and leave their routine and at the same time we’ve been able to make an even bigger and more positive impact in rural areas thanks to the tourism that has arised, where we’ve seen awesome projects been born that could influence a person, a family, or an entire community. This project is something we all have benefited from equally. 

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Hi! Guys from "Que buen lugar" Our community of Legua from Naranjo which currently has a project in rural tourism - Also known as Cerro-Dragon tours, would like to express our most profound gratitude for all of the support you have given us, since you visited us, it’s been considerably reflected in the increase of tourism of our community, before this our earnings were low, and due to lack of publicity we were struggling and a bit unmotivated of not seeing any results, your help has increased our quality of life socially, economically and environmentally. Lots of blessings to the group of "Que buen lugar", your initiative gave many people another opportunity to succeed. Thanks a million.

Alex Naranjo

Tour operador

Proud and delighted with your blogs, giving recognition to so many of our beautiful waterfalls ‘Guapilenas’, Bella Vista town is thankful and sends greetings, our mountain and adventure tourism has improved notably, thanks, keep up the good work guys, Forever thankful.

Hugo Duran V

Baqueanos de Bella Vista

Hi, I’m Emilce from Cascados Pozo Azul...Thanks to our friends from Qué Buen Lugar, we’ve received a lot of visitors that have told us they found our place thanks to the blogs in the site and thanks to those visitors we have been able to build a ranch where we can prepare some delicious meals for them so that they can kick back enjoy themselves.

Emilice Chacón González

It’s not just an internet page, ‘Qué Buen Lugar’ are a group of friends that are very charismatic and excellent people with big hearts with the desire to help people out, like what happened with my family. Thanks to your visit we were able to start our own project, we’ve already received around a hundred people and due to that we’ve been able to make many improvements and additions, for example build two cabins, expand our little restaurant, along with other details that we’ve been able to add along the way. Thanks alot guys!


Touristic center Rancho Rana Roja