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Gamalota Waterfall

We went to discover one of the highest and most beautiful waterfalls in Guápiles along with the legendary Don Hugo Durán. A very tough and demanding walk that brought out the Viking in us.

Finca La Alemana

We went to Guapiles to see some beautiful waterfalls and pools in the jungle… this was at Finca La Alemana and it is a perfect place to relax and connect with nature. How to get there? Take route 32 towards Limón and just before crossing the Costa Rica River there is an entrance to the …

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Barbilla National Park

We went to visit the Barbilla National Park, an exaggeratedly beautiful and pure place… while here, the Cabécar indigenous people guided us into a little explored jungle that hides the most beautiful waterfalls and cascades we have ever seen. So take a hike to this place, this gem from the National Park.

Poza Los Coyotes

We went to Poza los Coyotes in Cañas Dulces de Liberia, an emerald-colored river that is born in the one and only Rincón de la Vieja Volcano … with waterfalls and pools perfect to cool off from the Guanacaste heat. How to get there? You take Route 1 towards Guanacaste, starting off to the right …

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Waterfall Los Montes

We went to the mountains of Guácimo to see 2 beautiful waterfalls and pools in a tropical forest, perfect for the whole family! How to get there? Take Route 32 towards Limón, and after Braulio Carrillo you continue for another half hour until you reach Guácimo, here you turn right and continue until you reach …

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We returned to Tierra Grande de Guácimo to see a combo of pools and waterfalls with crystal clear water among the tropical rain forest typical of the Caribbean.

Salto La Diosa – Limón

 We went to Tierra Grande of Guácimo to rediscover a waterfall of the Parismina River waterfall, a place surrounded by eternally green jungle, full of life and awesome people.