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Provincia: Cartago

Finca Retos del Irazú

We went to see Finca Retos del Irazú, a small town near Prusia in Cartago, with trails for beginners, a picnic area and a perfect campsite to have a blast. How to get there? From the Sanatorium 2km north on the road to Prusia, 1km after the Sanatorium is the bridge, 300mts after the bridge …

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Finca La Cayetana

We went for a bunch of trails very close to San José, perfect to start hiking with family and friends. How to get there? To get there, you can go through Patarrá or Tejar del Guarco until you reach the upper part in Coris de Cartago. Waze: Distance: 5km total Difficulty: Easy Accessibility: Not …

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Cráter La Olla y Cerro Pasqui

We went to Cartago to visit 2 of the places to spend Sunday that caused the most sensation during this pandemic, they are the La Olla Crater and Cerro Pasqui.


We went to Oikoumene, which means land fit for life. It is located in Ochomogo de Cartago. A perfect place for a quiet plan, near San José, with trails to walk, ride a bike or, like us, take the dog for a walk. They also have several lodging options and camping areas. How to get …

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La Angelina

 We went to do mountain bike and hiking at La Angelina located in Ochomogo, an awesome place, safe, nearby, with lots of trails for all types of people.

Escalada Cachí – Cartago

We went to Cachí to climb a natural rock wall and we had a blast … So dare to do something new, I assure you that you will not regret it. How to get there? Head towards Cartago and then towards Paraíso … then look for the sign that says Cachí and from there the …

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Poza Las Gradas – CARTAGO

 We went to the Orosi Valley to discover the “Poza Las Gradas” located in an incredibly perfect river. After walking among stones we encountered waterfalls and pools of crystal clear water submerged in the jungle. So stop making excuses and go take a hike. How to get there? You have to go towards Cartago …

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Espino Blanco – Turrialba

We went to the Turrialba mountains to visit the Wagelia Hotel Espino Blanco, a reserve with friendly accommodation with the environment in the middle of the mountain where we assure you will get a connection with nature to another level. How to get there? Waze: Distance: 3km Difficulty: Moderate Accessibility:It is accessible What to bring? …

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Thanks to BLUE card of American Express we went to Turrialba to meet our fourth challenge of the Blue Route, live an adventure in the canyons of the rivers of Sitio Mata with 4 winners of the raffle, a super exciting experience that everyone should definitely to experiment. How to get there? Turrialba center is …