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Volcán Irazú


By: Qué Buen Lugar

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We headed to see the infamous Irazú Volcano, which once again has a lagoon. It is an ideal walk for those who seek a Sunday trip close to the city, stress-free with views and unique trails, perfect to get out of the routine.

How to get there?
Go towards Cartago and deviate in Taras on the left, following the signs of Irazú Volcano until you reach the entrance to the National Park.


Accessibility:Completely accessible

What to bring?
Comfortable clothes, coat, windbreaker jacket, sunblock, food to share and optimistic attitude to get to clearly see the volcano.

Contact:Ranger House: 2200-5025
Cost:₡ 1,000 Nationals – $ 15 foreigners

We went out there at 7 am on Sunday, since the park opens at 8 am and we had heard that it gets, majorly crowded at noon. So we drove off and on the way to Cartago, we stopped at a minimarket to buy something to snack on and continued on.
On the way, we made several stops to take photos as the tour is full of beautiful panoramic views that deserve to be documented as God intended. Arriving at the park there were some local cheese sales, we took advantage of one to buy a Palmito cheese and then we entered the park, there were only 2 cars in front of us, so reaching the parking lot was quick…

We got out of the car quickly and went straight to the crater since the day was clear and sunny, awesome to see to infinity and beyond. We reached the railing and when we saw the turquoise lagoon that we had not seen in a long time.
We walked around the edge of the crater until the end, took our time here to appreciate the view, then went to the little forest to whip up a picnic.

During all this time (it was almost noon by then) we made the mistake (fail) of not putting more sunscreen on, and obviously we all ended up burnt as hell, so put enough sunscreen on and take it to the picnic so that the same thing does not happen to you, the sun here is something else.

**** GET UP EARLY! *** You have no idea how many cars were there when we left, an easy 500meters of entrance would take you a while.



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