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Viento Fresco – Tilaran


By: Qué Buen Lugar

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Approximately 11 km from the center of Tilarán you can find this small paradise of waterfalls, a perfect place to go for a walk with the family, picnic and discover 5 different waterfalls, each with its own charm.

How to get there?
From Tilarán center 11 km road to Monteverde
with WAZE:

What to bring?
Comfortable tennis shoes, shorts, a light t-shirt, hat, towel, swimwear, picnic food, and water.

Difficulty:Medium (there are many steps)
Pets:Yes on a leash
Hours:Monday to Sunday 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.
Cost:National: ¢ 3000 Foreigners: $ 16
Contact:Tel: 2695-3434 -Cel 8383-1178 / 8395-8468

Some time ago they had written us on Facebook recommending this place; and since we were in the area, we took the opportunity to go and check it out. We left Tilarán enjoying the road that is amazing, you see the wind turbines. We arrived at the base/restaurant to ask all the info of the place, this super friendly man received us and explained where to park and the names of all of the waterfalls.

We followed the indications, we left the car in the parking lot, we got ready and headed there. To get to the first waterfall, Río Serena, you only have to walk 100 meters from the parking lot. We only saw it, took pictures and we continued to see the others. From there you walk another 100 m and you reach the Escondida waterfall. On the way, there is a viewpoint where you can see the last waterfall, Tobogán.

Then we walked 200 meters that is just going down, it feels easy but the return hurts a bit more, the good thing is that you feel like you did a J-Lo butt workout after this walk. When we got there we found the Arcoiris waterfall; This is the largest one, it has a good pool and as the name says it is a rainbow by the reflection of light, super cool. We resisted the desire to get in the water and continued towards the other two that were still left to see.

We continued along the path until we reached “El Tobogán” which is a high and wide waterfall that falls on a stone wall. Karlita and Tavo as always were the ones to go in and reach the bottom, they went to get a nature massage with the splash and got out super relaxed.

At that spot from a distance, you can see the waterfall La Roca, but you can not reach it on foot.

So we returned to Arcoiris to go splash around a while, the water had a nice temperature, in addition, the day was sunny, then it was very refreshing. When you get into the pond the wind that comes out of the waterfall is very strong and the drops hurt a bit if you get too close to the waterfall but it feels delicious. As always, we got hungry and had to look for food. So we took out the food to make an impromptu picnic in the grass.


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