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Que Buen LugarPublished in Que Buen Lugar · Aug 12, 2016

During those days where the weather is tricky and unpredictable, we went to do Stand Up Paddle at Herradura Beach, a perfect place thanks to its calm waters, proximity, beauty and safety. More than a sport It is a religious experience that left us wanting to return for more.

How to get there? Take Route 27 towards Caldera, then exit at Orotina in the direction of Jaco and then follow the signs that say Herradura, SUPHERR is next to the Pelícano restaurant.

With Waze

What to wear? Swimsuit, good sunblock, hat, towel, and change of clothes for the way back.

Distance: We paddled for almost 4 km.

Difficulty: Easy

Vehicle: Automobile

Parking: In front of SUPHERR on the beach.

Pets: Yes

Camping: No

Contact: SUPHERR Tours, rental and sale of SUPs

  • Tel: 2637-6032 / 8828-5739
  • Facebook:

Cost: Table Rent: $ 30 SUP lesson: $ 50 Herradura Island Tour: $ 80 (includes guide, snacks and water) Tiradores Beach Tour $ 60 (includes guide, snacks and water)


They have many more packages ... so it doesn't hurt to call. We wanted to do an epic 1-day trip, so we went to Herradura Beach to change it up from the usual mountain or waterfall activity for a stand-up paddle tour in SUPER. We arrived and they received us at a place made of super cool containers, with bathrooms, a shop and chairs facing the beach perfect to spend a whole day at the beach.

Then, we got ready, put on sunblock and then the instructors (certificated) explained the correct techniques to do this sport. In my case, this was my second time doing SUP. I felt super bad from the previous time since I had not succeeded, but after the instructor's tips I felt that maybe I would enjoy it more.

Then we got in the water, entered one by one on the board and out to sea, where the water was calm as a pool, and it was time to stand up ... and yes ... we all made it. And that is how this experience began towards Herradura Island.

In the water, time passes like in slow motion, and each time you get faster and get a confidence boost as you go along the sea. The thing is that if you feel hot, all you have to do is throw yourself in the water to cool off and then back up.

We passed in front of Playa Tiradores which is to the left and continued a little more, we made a break halfway to chat and rest ... Then we went back while we took pictures of the landscape that is towards the beach.

When we arrived at the beach, they also helped us out one by one, so we didn’t crash into the shore and we walked to the SUPER spot, we showered and then went to lunch at a restaurant that was right next to it, it was quite tasty.

BONUS: Seriously put on SPF 300 blocker on ALL over your body.

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