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Suecos Beach


We went to visit a paradisiacal beach tucked in the Malpaís forest called Playa Suecos (also known as Playa Cuevas) and we stayed in one of the most romantic hotels we have ever stayed at.

How to get there?

Take highway 27, exit to the port in Puntarenas and then we arrive at the Paquera pier (* we bought the ticket online at We crossed the Gulf of Nicoya and from Paquera to Malpaís it was just over an hour and a half following the signs.


Hotel Casa Chameleon:

Suecos Beach:

Café Social:

Distance: Free

Difficulty: Easy

Accessibility: Not accessible

What to bring? Lightweight clothes, swimsuit, repellent, sunscreen, bottle of water, snacks and an excellent attitude.

Vehicle: Off Road

Parking: Yes

Pets: No

Camping: No

Contact: Hotel Casa Chameleon 2103-1212

Cost of Suecos Beach: Free

We left on a Friday to spend the entire weekend in Malpaís, so after catching the 5pm Ferry we ended up arriving at around 9pm at the Hotel Casa Camaleón which is perched on the Malpaís mountain.

When we got to the hotel they greeted us and looked after us, and while we were getting our stuff out of the car, it started to rain so we went into the restaurant … to basically eat right away and go to sleep.

The next day we woke up in this great room with a beautiful terrace overlooking the sea, it was glorious … ideal to go with your partner. And to add to that, the sound of the forest is the most relaxing at dawn.

Glori and I (Trejos) went shopping before meeting Karlita and Tavo at the restaurant for breakfast.

After lunch we went to Playa Los Suecos (Playa Cuevas) which is at the end of Malpaís along a street in poor condition that leads to the entrance of the beach. If you´re driving, it’s better to park in front of the beach in Malpaís and walk about 300 meters to Suecos.

The path that leads to the beach is charming, you get to see a dense forest with some giant stones in this short walk until you reach the white sand beach and beautiful reefs framed by a rocky mountain that is on the right hand side.

There are enough places here to sit in the shade, nice to rest or sleep for a while. If you go at low tide it’s perfect to walk along the rocks towards the sea and you´ll get to see some beautiful natural pools that get formed around there.

After being here all morning it started to rain, so we gathered things and went to have lunch at a place in Santa Teresa called Café Social (it was delicious).

When we left for lunch it continued to rain so we went back to the hotel to sleep and woke up later to see if it had stopped raining and no … The next day it continued to rain even more so we vegged out without stopping in this place.

In the end we returned to the Paquera ferry to return to San José at the end of the afternoon.

* DATE OF HIKE: October 2020

By: Qué Buen Lugar

Social Media:


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