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Senderos La Arboleda – La Guácima


By: Qué Buen Lugar

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We headed for La Arboleda, a farm with trails under the shade of the forest, safe for walking around and getting a sense of peace near the city!

How to get there?
Head towards Las Vueltas of La Guácima and almost reaching the end you’ll see a sign on the left side that says Arboleda forest trails.




Accessibility:Not accessible

What to bring?
Fresh clothes, trail tennis shoes, water for hydration, snacks, repellent and an excellent attitude.






Cost:¢ 2000 per person

We arrived a little past 9 am to the parking lot of the place, we got our stuff ready and went to pay the guy that was in charge of the place, Sebastian, he explained to us about the cycling and walking trails … the only difference between the trails is that the one for biking is a bit longer.

We started walking and immediately got beneath the shade of the trees, the path is well labelled and you just have to follow the signs that say trail. The heat in this area is something else, so you basically start sweating right away, make sure to bring enough water. The trails are very pretty surrounded by trees and full of vegetation, you’ll enjoy them a lot…

After climbing for about 1 hour we arrived at the viewpoint of the place overlooking the mountains of Heredia, this spot also has some excellent stones to sit and picnic under the shade. While here, we rested, ate and fed Draco and Prussia (our dogs)… Then we got up to turn back.

The way back went by much quicker and when we were back at the parking lot we looked for lunch. This place is an excellent choice for those looking to walk around safely and nearby the city.


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