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San Juanillo- Avellanas Grande


By: Qué Buen Lugar

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A few weeks ago when the guanaco winter was ending, we made a tour of our favorite beaches in Guana with our buddies from EDGM Workgroup where we had an aerial perspective of our trips, the result was lit.

How to get there?

San Juanillo beach with Waze
Playa Avellanas with Waze
Piedra de Playa Grande with Waze

Vehicle:Any vehicle arrives. But we recommend you to ride a high clearance car in the rainy season.
Time:Whatever you want
Pets:Of course.

What to bring?
Bathing suit/trunks, clothes with solar protection, sunblock, repellent, sunglasses, towel, beach blanket, sandals, things to snack on and drink.

We came from Nosara towards beaches more on the north side, passing through Ostional, to some pastures where we stopped to see some monkeys. We continued driving through a ballast street with the perfect weather towards our first stop.

The first beach we stopped at was the not-so-crowded and beautiful Playa San Juanillo. For those who do not know of it, it’s the perfect place, it has absolutely no comparison to any other beach in the country. It is a small town with a few inhabitants, mostly artisanal fishermen, a soccer field and a tiny town store-bar, and of course … a beach.

The beach can be reached by car, you can park right in front of the sea, it’s a white-sand beach, with almond trees that provide a nice shade. It had some trees where we could easily hang the ENO hammocks. Something that makes this place different is the formation of sand and stone that rises to divide San Juanillo into 2 small beaches, one of sand and another with more reefs and stone.

Once settled here, we took advantage to enjoy the place, sunbathing, snorkeling and walking on the stone island that is reached at low tide. In the end, we opened snacks and we had something refreshing to kill the heat, and so we went to Avellanas.

On the way, almost reaching Playa Avellanas, there were several narrow entrances to the beach. None looked good, I followed my instinct and kept driving ahead … we reached the end of the road to a super cool beach viewpoint. This same road intersected with another path that apparently is next to the beach from Avellanas, ideal for a bit of mountain bike or trail running, under the shade of the trees.

After taking some pictures in this spot, we continued our course, we parked in Lola’s located in front of Avellanas beach. We stayed here for a little bit playing with the rackets and a little frisbee. This beach is monstrous compared to San Juanillo, but it is a classic that does not fail, it is ideal to learn surfing, drink something in front of the beach and have fun with your people.

As dusk was approaching, and we had originally planned to see it in Grande with our buddies of EDGM Workgroup, we decided to grab the few things we had pulled to the beach so we could get on the car and head towards Playa Grande.

When we reached Grande, the sun was already kicking, we arrived by car to one of the best places to see a sunset in Guana, La Piedra that divides Playa Grande from Las Ventanas. We wrote a giant PURA VIDA on the sand while the last rays of light went away. A great finale to a very cool day. We went to the sea and played with the local dogs. Once we left the sea and the sun went down, the mosquitoes, beach bugs and little flies started doing their thing. While we were talking, we put on a repellent until we could not stand it anymore. That’s how we went to Pipehouse to rest from this beach tour.


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