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Salto La Diosa - Limón

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Que Buen LugarPublished in Que Buen Lugar · Aug 30, 2019

We went to Tierra Grande of Guácimo to rediscover a waterfall of the Parismina River waterfall, a place surrounded by eternally green jungle, full of life and awesome people.

How to get there? Route 32 is taken towards Limón, and after Braulio Carrillo, continue for half an hour until you reach Guácimo, turn to the right here and continue until reaching the parking lot.

Waze: David's House:

Trail starting point:



Accessibility:Not accessible

What to bring? Light breeze clothes, trail tennis, swimsuit, waterproof jacket, towel, change of clothes, bug repellent, sunscreen, snacks, water and an excellent attitude.

Vehicle:4 × 4

Parking:Next to the street



Contact:David 8949-9413 or 8768-3079

Cost:¢ 4000 (minimum 4)


We arrived at Ms. Elsie’s house in Tierra Grande of Guácimo, in the same place where the Las Golondrinas waterfall is, we woke up her son Dabid in order for him to take us for the second time this waterfall, which we had visited before but with terrible weather.

So while we waited for David to finish getting ready we ate orange, mammon and bananas from Ms. Elsie's patio and this helped us get hyped for hiking up the mountain.

From Las Golondrinas to the starting point it’s about 20 minutes by car 4 × 4 on a loose stone street, the car gets parked in the grass next to the road and the path is on the left-hand side without stopping.

The first part of the trail is well marked until you reach the river, where you come across several logs and have to cross the river. The stones are slippery so you have to cross very carefully.

Then continue under the shadow of the jungle for about 20 minutes until the sound and the water mist soaks you and fills you with excitement when you reach the waterfall of the Parismina River, or as we called it before ‘The Goddess’.

The goddess has about 50 meters of the cold and pure waterfall, the curious thing is that the splash is not so powerful and it does not leave a pool ... the water disappears into the stones and leaves further down creating a crystal clear river lick. There is good space for picnics and sitting to appreciate this amazing spot ... so relax a bit and enjoy it.

When we got a little hungry we decided to go back to the car to look for lunch in Las Golondrinas, where we had a delicious mean and headed back to San José.

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