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Salto Calvo – Hojancha


By: Qué Buen Lugar

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We went to Hojancha to check out an amazing place, it’s called El Salto del Calvo and it has the title of being the highest waterfall in Central America!

How to get there?
Go towards Nicoya from the La Amistad bridge, and then it is necessary to deviate towards Hojancha to the left … from the town of Hojancha, it’s about 40 minutes until arriving at the entrance of the waterfall El Salto del Calvo.


Distance:4km Total
Difficulty:Medium / high
Accessibility:Not accessible

What to bring?
Trail tennis shoes, fresh clothes, swimsuit, towel, 1 liter of water, snack, repellent, sunblock, clothes to change afterward and an excellent attitude.



Cost:¢ 4000 Entry
¢ 14000 on horseback

We went to Hojancha Friday night, after driving for 3 hours and a half we went straight to sleep because the next day we wanted to get up early to visit this monstrous waterfall that they say is the highest in Central America.

We got up the next day very early and went to breakfast at Soda El Higuerón where Doña Melba served us a delicious pinto (rice and beans). After eating we went back to the cabins and prepared to walk to the waterfall.

The road to get to the waterfall is the vast majority in stone and when you get to the entrance of the farm there is a wooden sign that says “Cataratal” and that’s where the car is parked. The first 500 meters are by gravel and then becomes a trail.

The walk on the trail is super cool because it is all downhill and under the shade of the trees, we also saw monkeys and beautiful birds. After half an hour of descending, we reached the lower part where we saw the river. Since the rainy season is beginning, the river was chocolate looking, but they say that by October the water becomes clear.

After walking a little more on the side of the river, we crossed it to get closer, and it was at that moment that we saw the waterfall almost from head to toe and it is very high … 300m high! Then we continued walking through the stones, we placed our stuff down to walk lighter and enjoyed the essence of the place in front of the first pool.

After a while, we decided to take off our sneakers and walk-up in socks (super powerful tip this is to not slip) where Tavo told us that the path on the left side of the pool continued. From here we went to the stones (you have to carry your tennis shoes until you put them down here) the stones are closer to the waterfall and we were at the base to take the best photos. This part is awesome because the waterfall is appreciated very well and you can see how high it is, which are actually two falls that come together.

When we started to get hungry for lunch we decided to pick up everything and go back up to the car … let me tell you that we were soaked in sweat, so bring snacks along the way to keep that energy high, even if you do not have many conditions you can do the tour on horseback. We arrived at the car and we changed for dry clothes to head back.


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