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Roca Verde – Bajos del Toro


At the same farm where Las Gemelas and Celestial located, lies Roca Verde, a lovely adorable waterfall for picnicking and enjoying yourself in the middle of the forest.

How to get there?
Located in Bajos del Toro, the best way to get here (if you are driving) is by Vara Blanca, from that point you can use the Waze link to get there.


Distance:6km Total
Accessibility:Not accessible

What to bring?
Comfortable clothes, trail tennis shoes, a waterproof jacket, dry bag, snacks, sunscreen, repellent, towel, hat, and an excellent attitude.

Vehicle:High truck / Automobile
Parking:Yes (on the curb)
Contact:Jorge Salazar 8780 7504
Cost:¢ 4000

In the waterfall paradise called Bajos del Toro, we managed to find a small hidden gem, not so visited and with a well-marked path which can be reached without the need of a guide, however.. you have to go in summer because the river gets higher.

To begin the trek we started at the same point where we parked to go to Las Gemelas and Celestial waterfalls. One part is a trail (if it’s summer it will be less muddy) and other parts are under the shade of the trees.

After walking approximately 2.5 km there is a sign to the mountain on the right that says Roca Verde (Green Rock), this is where you deviate to get there. This waterfall has one last part of the route inside the river canyon, so it is recommended only in summer to avoid waterheads.

After the first 300 m along the trail, you have to get your shoes wet and walk along the river another 300 m which are very tedious due to the slipperiness of the wet stones until you reach the Roca Verde waterfall.

The waterfall is beautiful, surrounded by wild nature, the water is freezing and has a small pool, in addition, this place is perfect for picnics since the stones in front are quite wide.

We went to this waterfall after visiting La Celestial, and it was perfect to rest a bit before turning back to the parking lot.

Date of the trip: March 2019

By: Qué Buen Lugar

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