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By: Qué Buen Lugar

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We went to see the Fortuna of Bagaces to see Rio Perdido (The lost river) that has absolutely everything … from trails that lead to mountains with amazing views to rivers with hot springs, stone canyons full of adventures to live unique and unforgettable experiences.

How to get there?
Go towards Guanacaste along the Northern Interamerican Highway until you reach Bagaces, then turn right when you get downtown and follow the Rio Perdido signs until you reach the entrance.


Distance: 5km Total

Difficulty: Medium

Accessibility: Accessible

What to bring? Cool and comfortable clothing for walking, swimsuit, towel, sandals, trail tennis shoes, sunscreen, repellent, camera, sunglasses, small bag for walking, reusable water bottle and an excellent attitude.

Vehicle: High carriage preferably.

Parking: Yes

Pets: No

Camping: No

Contact: 2673-3600 //

Cost: Varies depending on the season. Use the #QBLloveRP Code to get a discount on lodging and activities. (Valid until December 20, 2017)

The thing is that we left on Friday after work to Guanacaste, we had to succumb to the 5pm traffic on the 27th highway and arrived at Rio Perdido by 10pm. When we arrived at the entrance the staff received us as if we were celebs, a towel to wash our faces and and a glass of ultra refreshing fruit juice. After this nice welcome, we finished checking in and then went straight to our rooms to rest.

We went to the rooms and saw the epicness … they are rooms distributed in the forest, with a wicked design on all sides and have a balcony with a hammock and a view of the trees. Well, then we slept like babies in that delicious bed and the next morning I got up early with Glori to go for a bike ride on the trails of the property.

To walk or bike there are 2 main places, the first is called Mesa Norte (the top of the mountain is flat and serves as a heliport) and the other is called Las Tumbas (which are vertical stone formations). Then I went with Glori bike to Mesa Norte, we biked for about 20 minutes and it was pretty cool because from this point you can see the coolest view of the Miravalles and Rincón de la Vieja Volcanoes. When we came back to the rooms, I went first and came face to face with an Ocelot! (It’s like a small leopard) never in my life had I seen one of these,we had eye contact for 1 second (maximum) and then the dude went to hide. Apparently this feline is already known in the area and it has appeared to more than one visitor, we can say that it is not dangerous and it is extremely beautiful … the size is a little bigger than a domestic cat and has the spots of a real leopard .


So … after this moment of excitement we continued to the room where we changed to go to breakfast at the hotel restaurant .. After breakfast (which was delicious) we got ready to do tubing. We passed a couple of cars from the hotel that took us upstream to reach the starting point, they explained here the basics of basic safety and once we got set up with the helmet + lifeguard we dove into the water … The tour is through a deep canyon under the shade of the trees, it lasted about 45 minutes, with some sections of rapids, waterfalls and also relaxed chill parts.


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