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By: Qué Buen Lugar

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This place is a perfect little forest to get away from the routine, take your family, it’s less than 20 km from our capital, it has trails, picnic tables and other attractions that you might like.

How to get there?
In the highest part of Ochomogo, you have to go towards Recope, at 300 m turn left and follow the entrance that goes left again until you reach the entrance to Rio Loro on the right.

Distance:3km total

What to bring?
Comfortable clothes, repellent, sunscreen, food to share.





Contact:2537 1200

Cost:₡ 1000 per person, students and the elderly get a discount.

The Sunday plan was to do something nearby, accessible and cheap … so we went to the Rio Loro Environmental Park, located from the Ochomogo 5 minutes going up the hill. We arrived past 9 a.m. and went directly to the booth where the entrance is paid … It was a thousand pesos and we went in to walk a little.

The park has a main path made of concrete and some sections of wood with ramps that make it accessible for people in a wheelchair, another fact is that almost all the way is under the shade of the trees so it’s nice and refreshing to walk.
We went down the main path and then we turned on a dirt road that goes a little bit longer … which was very cool because there were parts with eucalyptus trees and parts with very nice vines. After walking for a while, we returned to the path where we passed through other wooden bridges to end up in the giant tank where the water of the Loro River arrives. Then we followed a small path that leads to a viewpoint which has to be climbed by a spiral staircase, from here we saw the forest of the park and a bit of the mountain that is higher up.

After doing the complete tour, we went through a small paddock full of Santa Lucías (purple flowers that are said to bring you money if they are given to you as a present) … then we took the opportunity to split and go to wander and then we went to the picnic area to eat something and survive until lunchtime.

To end the day we went to the serpentarium of the place that is pretty neat because it is outdoors, in the middle of a garden full of flowers are fish tanks with snakes and is very complete, they even have an anaconda. After this, we were all set and ready to go.

DATE OF WALK: January 2018


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