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Reserva Natural Absoluta Cabo Blanco – Puntarenas


By: Qué Buen Lugar

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What do you think about spending the end of the year at the most important nature reserve in the country and also the most beautiful? Well, let me tell you that Cabo Blanco was our first reserve and thanks to this initiative are that today we have so many protected areas.

How to get there?
Go in the direction of Montezuma, continue along the coast until you reach Cabuya, from there follow the signs to the Cabo Blanco National Park, Sector Cabuya.
With Waze

What to bring?
Comfortable and light clothes, swimsuit, towel, sunscreen, repellent, lots of beverages, snacks for the road and real food for the picnic.

Contact:Cabo Blanco Absolute Nature Reserve Office: 2642-0093 / 2642-0096
Cost:National: ¢ 1600 – Foreigners: $ 12

We arrived at the entrance of the park around noon, we were intercepted by a park ranger to tell us where to park and after getting the stuff ready we went straight to the entrance to pay and receive directions.

The place is all covered in forest, it’s facing the sea and has 3 trails, 1 is circular 2km, another special for adults and children of 1km and the longest distance is 10 km that reach Cabo Blanco Beach. We were Vikings along the long path, the road is super well marked and consists of crossing a hill about 200m high.

They have not spent 5 minutes of walking when you can feel the heat, and this also begins to sweat heavily. The path is all under the shade and is full of wild nature, so much so that we stumbled on the km 5 a common boa snake by the side of the Gigantee trail, to which we took more than one photo as it slithered away slowly.

When you begin to descend the hill, you hear and feel the sea breeze warning us that we are close to reaching the beach. At the moment you see the sea it’s super awesome, because the sand is super white, and the incredibly crystalline water, is a medium beach framed by giant rock walls.

We did not hesitate to dive into the water, almost automatically we were all inside the water, a few meters from dozens of pelicans fishing while we enjoyed ourselves like crazy. Then we swam for a while, we lost part of the tripod of the camera, and we went out to do a small and well-deserved picnic.

After the picnic and a few photos, we changed to head back since the park closes at 4 o’clock … meaning around 3 they ask us to leave. On the way back the hill became long but after finishing climbing it was easy to get to the parking lot downhill.



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