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Reserva Indígena Kekoldi - Talamanca

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Que Buen LugarPublished in Que Buen Lugar · Dec 2, 2016

We are impressed that only 5 minutes from Puerto Viejo, walking along a path that starts on the street, there is a mountain with so much potential, full of indigenous history, enough cocoa for a lifetime, thousands of frogs, a dreamy waterfall and if that wasn’t enough it is the second-best place in the world to observe the passage of raptors in migration. Speechless.

How to get there? From Cahuita on the road to Puerto Viejo. Waze

Vehicle: Automobile Parking: At the offices Biological Corridor Association

What to bring? Comfortable and light clothes, trail tennis shoes, a waterproof jacket, change of clothes, swimwear or trunks, dry bag, snacks, repellent, and sunblock.

Pets: No Camping: No Contact: Sebastián 2200-3265 / 8884-2671 Cost: $ 25 per person to spend the day $ 45 per person for one night (includes lunch and breakfast)


This adventure started because there is a neat book called Grandes Espectáculos Naturales (big natural spectacles), just to remain in love with this country, every month in some corner there is a natural spectacle and this month that was on the calendar, the raptor migration ... we went to see that was the fuss about ... we really have so much to learn from this beautiful country of ours.

Just when we thought this ride was going to be a mistake and we were not going to get to see much, we changed our attitude and against all odds like weather and rain all the way, we arrived at Hone Creek and it stopped raining, we left the car parked ... we finished preparing the stuff to take while Sebastian with a smile on his face was ready to start the walk.

About 1km from where we left the car on the main street that goes to Puerto Viejo there is a path that goes unnoticed and that's where we started to climb that mountain. Our guide Sebastian is an indigenous leader with a lot of knowledge for his land and has been part of many investigations that have been carried out there ... the most recent one is about the Central American bushmaster snake, I know, we also freaked out but we did not see a single one thank god and they come out at night.

There was a lot of mud but nothing terrible, it’s only 800 meters and you get to the base, a super cute place in the middle of the wooden jungle, we were greeted by Sebastian's family with a delicious lunch (rice, beans, egg with carrot and vegetables), we changed clothes happily since the weather was lovely and we were heading to the waterfall.

We stopped at the Tower for a bit, it measures 12 meters high and surprisingly It was also built by Sebastian himself, it was a little cloudy so we decided to follow the path to the Yokou Waterfall.

And once again this country left us in awe, a giant wall of stone falls the water to a delicious pool, after three seconds and Tavo and I were inside, delicious water with a lot of slippery stone (it was not cold). We swam by the edge of the pool to get to the stones, we climbed carefully to get closer to the waterfall, the weather began to get ugly so we decided to leave quickly so it would get late.

Have you ever seen a bullet ant carrying water? We had not either, it is the most impressive thing, it sounds fake but you see the ant with a drop of water, I don’t understand it but it happens ... so pay attention to every detail, sound, ask Sebastian haha he knows everything and it’s no joke! And plus there are thousands of little red, green, green and black frogs jumping everywhere.

When we arrived at the base, it was time to bathe, then we bathed and after a while, the dinner was ready, a delicious chicken from the Caribbean! It was raining a lot and in the middle of that jungle, there was nothing else to take advantage of and get to sleep early to try to see the raptors at dawn.

At 5:00 am we went to the Tower, it was pouring and Sebastian told us it was going to be hard to see something ... because it was raining a lot to the north. We stayed for 45 minutes waiting and didn’t see a glance at raptors, we only enjoyed a toucan show in a tree very close to the Tower. Oh well! But we had an amazing time and we met amazing people.

We got to visit this awesome place thanks to the idea of coming to see the raptors, even though we did not see any but it’s all good, we enjoyed every minute and now it is pending to return next year to see if we are lucky. A fact to motivate: on a good day you can see more than 100 thousand birds passing by.

Migration of raptors in Kekoldi:

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