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Rainmaker – Parrita


By: Qué Buen Lugar

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We went to visit Rainmaker, an epic place ideal to go with the whole family … since it has short trails, delicious pools and wild hanging bridges stuck in the Central Pacific jungle.

You take the route 27 deviating on the south coast, after passing Parrita it’s like 20 more minutes until you reach the entrance on the left where RainMaker is located.


Distance:4 km
Accessibility:Not accessible

What to bring?
Fresh clothes, repellent, sunscreen, swimsuit, towel, trail tennis shoes, dry clothes to change into later, snacks for a picnic and excellent attitude.

Cost:¢ 2000


We went to this place in the middle of the mountains of the Central Pacific, on the way we got a little delayed trying to get some shots of the alligators from the Tarcoles river on the way and other technical stops.
We arrived at RainMaker at about 10 in the morning and after getting things ready we started walking through this place. RainMaker is a special place because it has a few attractions that are usually from very touristy places, with the advantage that not many people go so the place remains quiet and natural.

The route we took was the longest bordering everything on the left … the first part of the trail was uphill to reach the suspension bridges located in the middle of the jungle. From then on everything was more bearable on the bridges so we did not hesitate to make stops to let ourselves be carried away by the flow of the forest and the sound of the river down the mountain.

After walking for half an hour we reached the river which was the coolest part, we went to swim there. Something that we did not realized until later, was that on the way back the path goes to the side of the river, which has innumerable waterfalls and pools to stay at and chill.

When we finished swimming we went back to change and go straight to get lunch to end up watching a romantic sunset at the peak of Guacalillo.


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