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Rafiki Safari Lodge

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Que Buen LugarPublished in Que Buen Lugar · Jul 3, 2020

We went to visit Rafiki Safari in Quepos, a spectacular glamping site next to the Savegre River, perfect for walking, hiking and adventuring.

How to get there?

Take the highway Route 34 passing through Parrita and Quepos until you reach the Savegre river where you have to turn left, following the hotel signs for 13 km until you reach the hotel.


Distance: 7km the hike up the mountain

Difficulty: Easy

Accessibility: The hotel is accessible, it has activities such as horseback riding on trails and Rafting.

What to bring? Fresh clothes, swimsuit, towel, sandals, outdoor shoes, trail tennis shoes, hat, waterproof jacket, repellent, sunscreen and an excellent attitude.

Vehicle: High clearance car

Parking: Yes

Pets: No

Camping: They have a camping area with water and bathrooms

Contact: 8368 9944/87646185

Cost: Dynamic rates


We left San José at around 7 am to arrive at the hotel around 11 am. The car ride is already an experience, since you pass two very beautiful towns by the Savegre river. The closer we got to the hotel, the more jungle we noticed, until we came to a small bridge with a stream of super crystalline water and a small lake ... we looked up again and saw the hotel within the mountain.

After parking the car we went up a little to get to a restaurant with a beautiful view, and then we went to our room in the best "glamping" style with the same view of the Savegre river, the lake and the mountains.

It was not even noon and we were already hungry so we went for lunch (the meat sandwich and the casado with trout is delicious).

Our next activity was rafting, so we took a well-deserved nap beforehand and then drove upriver to a town called Río Blanco, where we got off to receive a technical talk and without much hassle we got into the raft to do one of the best rafting tours we've ever done.

The tour was beautiful and very safe since it is of an intermediate level in the cleanest river in Central America, there were parts that had us jump off the raft due to the waves but it was more fun than dangerous. Almost at the end of the tour we got off the raft to walk a bit to an awesome waterfall and then finish our tour.

When we got back to the hotel we rested for a bit and after dinner we went to sleep so that we were well rested for the next day.

On Sunday Glori and I got up earlier to go for a bike ride through the trails of Rafiki (yes, it has trails designed for biking!) Which crosses the mountain on the shade of the jungle until we reach a viewpoint, going down there are several technical parts but it's all fun.

Then we returned for breakfast and went on the same route but walking, so we could appreciate more carefully all the details of the forest where this place is located.

When we returned, they invited us to ride a horse through another part of the farm next to the Savegre river, we could not miss out on this activity so we all joined. During the tour we passed through a camping area with toilets and water and then finished next to the river where the horses took the opportunity to cool off.

To finish up, we went back to the hotel to pack our things and have lunch ... grateful to visit this great hotel, with a luxurious staff that made us feel like part of the Rafiki family.

*DATE OF HIKE: June 2020

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