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Quebrada Gata - San Carlos

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Que Buen LugarPublished in Que Buen Lugar · Jul 29, 2016

The thing I want to stress is that this area does not cease to amaze us with its crazy cool waterfalls. This time around we went to the Toro ll hydroelectric plant in Marsella of San Carlos to walk towards a bundle of incredible waterfalls that left us speechless.


How to get there? The Waze arrives at a place called Recreo Verde in Venice of San Carlos, just before arriving you take the road down and turn left where a sign says "Recreo Verde", DO NOT turn left and follow the road to the right until the end where the ICE plant is located.

Vehicle: Automobile Parking: On the street next to the hydroelectric plant. Cost: Free Pets: Yes, very adventurous.

What to bring? Comfortable clothes to walk, comfortable shoes that can get wet, a bathing suit and shorts, sunscreen, a hat, lots of beverages, good snacks, a jacket.

Distance: 4km total Difficulty: Medium-High, broken stones, some slippery and tricky parts (you have to cross rivers). Time: 4 hours


To discover these waterfalls we followed the indications of a follower of the page called Isaac, and this was clear: "you reach the end of the street in Marsella of San Carlos where there is the Toro ll hydroelectric plant, go down to the river and walk upstream" ... So that's what we did.

To get here you can take two ways, by Vara Blanca or by Grecia ... we went by Vara Blanca and arrived at 10:00 am to the starting point where from the road you can see the 200m high waterfall called Quebrada Latas. We asked the people of the ICE if it was the right place and they answered affirmative, so we prepared our crap and started our walk. The walk is on giant stones, there is no defined path because it is really only upstream following the instinct of curiosity and adventure.

During the walk there is an intersection, you have to take for the left always walking on the right side of the big river, in the first 300 meters you have to go through the first river so be prepared to get your shoes wet, this is the Barroso River (it has a waterfall but we did not get there).

We continued walking while we saw more than one emerald pool, then we had to climb a wall of super exciting stones to be much closer to the waterfall combo that from this point was already heard pretty loud.

When we arrived we ran into a wall full of waterfalls called Quebrada Gata which has a very high waterfall (it seems difficult to get up there) and then we continued towards what seemed like a canyon to the right until we reached even cooler waterfalls, covered by a soaking dew in what we believe is called Río Agrio (Bitter) because of the taste of the water. After enjoying the place we decided to splash around and have some picnic to finish off and head back.

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