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Pozo Verde

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Que Buen LugarPublished in Que Buen Lugar · May 3, 2015

It is of volcanic origin with emerald waters and a depth of 15 meters, located in the ‘Parque del Agua’ (Water Park) as it is popularly known.

How to get there? In the town called Sucre located between Zarcero and Ciudad Quesada. The trail begins before the entrance gate of the park on the left. Entering the path you will pass a little wooden bridge and from there you will continue on the left, the trail is quite wide and easy to follow. Overall we walked about 3km without much slope in a cloud forest similar to Monteverde. with Waze

What to bring? Sportswear, trail or hiking shoes, swim trunks and swimwear.

Food? Snacks and beverages, sandwiches to have a picnic on the grass and cheese that cannot be missed (buy some on the way)

Hike: 2 hours (round trip) 6 km with some ascend

Difficulty: Low


To stick with our improvising habits, this time around we knew what our destination was but we had no idea how to get there... then thanks to a thorough investigation in Google we took the General Cañas highway towards Naranjo de Alajuela, on the way we stopped to buy snacks and continued in the direction of Zarcero, where you have to make a mandatory stop, go into the park among the distinctive cypresses and stretch your legs a bit, you won’t regret it.. Then you should go straight to a tiny dairy town called Sucre where you have to turn right and go up for half an hour on a street with 97.5% good conditions, on this street buy cheese in a small wooden house on the left surrounded by a bunch of farm animals (pig-chompipe-dog-cat-goat) where a man named Gerardo, has a wooden sign that says "CHEESE SOLD", it must have been the best Turrialban cheese we’ve ever tasted ... Once we had cheese in our hands, we continued on the same street for 10 more minutes, passing through more dairy farms and then we saw a fence surrounded by wild forest where we left the car parked to go to Pozo Verde.

The trail begins passing the bridge on the left, it’s quite wide and easy to follow. In total we walked about 3km without many slopes in a cloud forest similar to Monteverde, then you pass between mystical pastures with stones full of moss and small springs of crystal clear water. Then you get to the first sign that tells us we are in the right direction, from this point on there is only a small descent with an intersection that you have to take to the left and when you least expect it, there’s a small lagoon of emerald green, the famous Green Well. The temptation to swim in the lagoon dominated us so we immediately got in, to then dry off and enjoy a picnic on the grass right in front (don’t forget mosquito repellent, it’s necessary). Once full and happy we made our return along the same route between paddocks to the car where we changed into clean clothes and returned to civilization.

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