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Que Buen LugarPublished in Que Buen Lugar · Sep 6, 2019

We returned to Tierra Grande de Guácimo to see a combo of pools and waterfalls with crystal clear water among the tropical rain forest typical of the Caribbean.

How to get there? Take Route 32 towards Limón and after passing Guápiles it is another hour until you turn to the right through a ballast entrance for 40 more minutes until you reach Tierra Grande de Guácimo where Juan Carlos's house is in front of the square.    Waze:    Distance: 4km total    Difficulty: Moderate    Accessibility: Not accessible    What to bring? Comfortable, quick-drying clothing, bathing suit, towel, insect repellent, sunscreen, waterproof jacket, dry clothes to change into after the water and an excellent attitude.    Vehicle: High Wagon    Parking: Yes.    Pets: Yes, but there are other dogs on the property.    Campsite: No    Contact: Juan Carlos 8429-7620    Cost: ¢4000 per person  ¢3500 delicious homemade lunch (optional) 


We left San José very early for Guácimo, we went to Juan Carlos's house, he got into the car with us to take us to the property where a few days before he had gone to open the way to make the path to the pools and waterfalls that he wanted to show us. .    It was very cool because the road was very intense in the middle of nature between a recently made path, so you can imagine that it is not that the path is clean but that you have to go

between branches and recently cut bushes carefully so as not to get trapped between some twig. 

On the way we saw the two pools with some small but cool waterfalls, and with the heat we wanted to jump into one, but we preferred to go first to the highest waterfall which is cool but doesn't have such a good pool... we saw it, we felt it, we drank photos, videos and we left before cooling off directly to the pools.

Here you have to be careful because you go through very slippery stones, so remember that as soon as you can, it is better to walk in socks than in tennis shoes and be careful. When we got to the pools we went down carefully to the first one and it was incredible, the temperature of the water was delicious but best of all, there was a kind of cave where you could get in and be behind the falls with an awesome view, so we decided to work as a team and put the cell phone in, making a human chain to be able to take photos from inside. Relax, everything went well.

After enjoying that pool for a long time, we went to the other one, which was actually walking a couple of meters along the stones.

We were here for a bit and after splashing around, we got dressed to go back to the car already wanting to enjoy the homemade food that Juan Carlos had for us.

*HIKE DATE: August 2019 

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