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Poza Las Gradas – CARTAGO


By: Qué Buen Lugar

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We went to the Orosi Valley to discover the “Poza Las Gradas” located in an incredibly perfect river. After walking among stones we encountered waterfalls and pools of crystal clear water submerged in the jungle. So stop making excuses and go take a hike.

How to get there?
You have to go towards Cartago and continue to Paraíso and then exit on Orosi Valley. From here pass the town and continue until you reach the ICE plant near the Macho River.


Distance:6 km


Accessibility:Not accessible

What to bring?
Light clothes, waterproof jacket, trail tennis, hat, sunscreen, swimsuit, towel, repellent, dry clothes to change afterwards, snack and an excellent attitude.





Contact:Luis Fernando Zúñiga: 8508 3686

¢ 6000 with refreshments
¢ 10,000 with lunch


We arrived at 9 am to the Orosi Valley in order to meet with Priscilla and Luis Fernando, who offered to take us to see this awesome river. To get there, we drove from the Ice plant of Río Macho a little further up until we reached Priscilla’s farm where we parked the car.

The walk is by the river and you have to know your way around, there are times of the year that are dangerous because of the dam … so we recommend you go with a guide who knows the area well.

The first part is all grass, you cross the river to do a shortcut of about 500 meters until you come across the first super-deep pool of crystal clear water.

Then we continued walking up the river by the stones, these start becoming larger, without realizing we begin to enter the jungle with more waterfalls and pools incredibly refreshing.

After a couple of hours of walking, we arrived at the most beautiful waterfall that I have seen in a very long time, the locals call it “Las Gradas” because of its stone formation, and it has a crystal clear emerald pool. Obviously we had arrived at the place to picnic and also to take a bath … I’m not going to lie to you, the water was very cold but it’s worth the sensation, it’s like being reborn!
Finally, we went up a bit more to see what else was out there (we may do it on another trip) and we went back to Priscilla’s house where we were greeted with a delicious lunch of white beans with pork, mmm so tasty!

Date of the trip:March 2019



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