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Poza La Presa - Colonia del Toro

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Que Buen LugarPublished in Que Buen Lugar · Jul 12, 2019

We headed to Colonia del Toro to get to check out Poza la Presa, it’s a place of waterfalls easily accessible and surrounded by nature, perfect for a day of walking.

How to get there? We went to Vara Blanca and then from there go south to Sarapiquí and then exit towards San Carlos, 20 minutes later we turned left where the Colonia del Toro is located.


Distance:1 km in total


Accessibility:Not accessible

What to bring? Fresh clothes, waterproof jacket, swimsuit, towel, repellent, sunscreen, dry clothes to change into later and an excellent attitude.

Vehicle:Automobile makes it, but a High Ground Clearance is better




Contact:Kenneth 8934-5446

Cost:¢ 2000


We arrived super early at Colonia del Toro, this small town of farmers lives at the foot of the Poás Volcano, which explains the slightly turquoise colour of its rivers always surrounded by dense jungle.

We met with a young agronomy student named Kenneth, this dude has had the initiative with his family to open this paradise to the public so we contacted him to check it out. When we arrived the weather was nice, cloudy but no rain so we took the opportunity to start walking towards the natural pool, on the way Kenneth told us that it is called the Dam because, at that spot a concrete wall had been built more than 80 years ago, this was to achieve diverting the water to supply all the people of Bajos del Toro.

We hadn’t even walked 300 meters yet when we came across this clear river surrounded by beautiful forest, we continued walking until we saw the famous dam (with a nice pool) and then we took off our backpacks to jump about 4 meters into the pool where there was a super cool waterfall.

Then we continued for 5 minutes further downstream until we reached another even prettier waterfall, with more space to put the bags down and have a decent picnic. We covered the bags with their respective layers and dove into the water. The temperature wasn’t so cold so you could be relaxed in the water without freezing to death.

In the end, we ate a little something before heading back to the parking lot to return home, happy to visit a new place in this area full of waterfalls.

*FECHA PASEO: Julio 2019

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