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Playas Península de Osa


During Easter weekend we headed to Osa; known as the place where the sea meets the rain forest. We went to see the beaches in that area, and they really awesome. The color of the sea is impressive, monkeys are seen, barnacles go by all day and the beaches are relatively lonely even when it is high season.

How to get there?
Now there are several options you can go by 27 and then by the Interamericana Sur or Cerro de la muerte. We always trust what Waze tells us

Also from the Casa Sombrero Beach Entrance before Finca Morpho, where there are Bamboo structures. Pass the blue container until you reach Rancho Tucker.

Playa Sombrero https:
Matapalo https:
Sweet Bread https:
Beautiful Beach https:
Piro Beach https:

What to bring?
Swimwear, hammocks, towel, sunscreen, repellent, a bottle of water, beach games and whatever you can think of.

Vehicle:Preferably High or 4 × 4
Parking:In the house Yes
Contact:Steve 8720-2278


We left on Monday from San José, we went from highway 27 and then we took the Interamericana Sur as towards Golfito until arriving at the Chacarita gas station where it turns right towards Puerto Jiménez. It’s wise to make a strategic stop here to buy supplies since where we slept was about 30 minutes further and there are no more supermarkets or grocery stores or anything like that. So you have to go ready. After Puerto Jimenez, the beautiful scenery starts, the ballast street until (in good condition) we reach Playa Sombrero, which was our route. That day we arrived late, so we got to see Playa Sombrero and then fell asleep.

On Tuesday we went to check out the beaches, for this, you have to follow the street, cross a river and then turn left just after a bus stop. We arrived first at Playa Pan Dulce; we unloaded our stuff and looked for some shade. The tide was low so you could see a lot of rocks, which can be good for entering the sea carefully knowing what is there. While we were there we could hear and see the macaws in pairs. It seemed like a parade.

Then we went by car to Matapalo, there was only a small group of about 5 people here, everything else was empty. We were impressed by the color of the sea, turquoise tones that contrast with light gray sand and almost white stones. The sea was a bit rougher so it’s just to be careful.

And to finish the afternoon we went to Backwash, another awesome beach; also turquoise water, but it is not the color of the Caribbean but is like a deeper blue and less crystalline because there is more movement of water. Here we decided to relax for a while, swim some, eat some; but as noobies, since we did not take enough food so we had to return because the hunger was killing us.

The next day we went to Playa Piro, which is outside the gulf, it is open sea so it is better not to get in because it has rough currents. We left the car at Miguel’s house, a man from the area; He told us where the path was to get to the beach. It passes through the forest, along the river bank until you reach the beach. Once we got there went to the straight to look for the delicious pools that are made in the stones. They are pools so deep that you can stand up, you just have to be careful because they are full of hedgehogs, so it is better not to touch the edges. The cool thing there is to see the splash of the waves hit the stones. Nor can you go without getting into the Piro River. It is almost a pool, with very good temperature and an emerald green color.

The next day we went for the Sierpe, don’t get anxious, we’ll tell you about this later. And back to Playa Preciosa, which is near Puerto Jiménez. It was already late and it was partly cloudy, so the sun was not so radiant and the sea did not look as blue as it was. Still, it’s a cool beach with a lot of space.

Me, (Glori) was really craving something sweet so I went straight to a (before they closed) souvenir shop that is around the airport called Jagua, where they sell the best homemade ice cream with different flavors. Taste the delight.

* Bonus If you like acid savors, in front of the church of Puerto Jiménez on the sidewalk there is a stick of member, it is one of the most acidic fruits there is, but it has a very good consistency like juicy crunchy, with salt is delicious, Seriously, just makes my mouth water thinking about it.


By: Qué Buen Lugar

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