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Playa Pavones, Zancudo, Punta Banco

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Que Buen LugarPublished in Que Buen Lugar · Apr 14, 2018

For Easter week we decided to go to the South of the South, where the beaches are really cool, with crystal clear water and a chill atmosphere worth checking out. And as that wasn’t enough, it has the second-longest wave in the world.

How to get there? Head towards San Isidro of Pérez Zeledón, we went through Cerro de la Muerte, after passing through Perez continue through the Interamericana until arriving at Río Claro, then continue towards Golfito, and before arriving at Golfito deviate to the left heading in the direction of Pavones.

Waze: Playa Zancudo (main entrance): Pavones Punta banco sunset: Punta Banco Spot day: Christophe's house:

Distance: Free Difficulty: Easy Accessibility: Accessible

What to bring? Repellent, towel, swimsuit, change of clothes, cash, snacks, water bottle (reusable), sunblock, hammocks, beach chairs, and an excellent attitude.

Vehicle: High Cart Parking: No Pets: Yes Camping: No Contact: Christophe Díaz - [email protected]


During Holy Week we decided to go back south since we realized that there are fewer people on that side, but this time we went towards Pavones.

We left early Sunday, passed Cerro de la Muerte to avoid the dams of the 27th highway, we stopped in Perez Zeledon to buy fruit and the next stop was in Platanillo for lunch. From there we went straight to Pavones.

Back in Pavones, Christophe was waiting for us, he’s a cool french guy who has been living here for a while and owns several lodging options over there. That first day we settled and planned what we were going to do the next day.

On Monday we went to see the beaches of the area, as expected there were many surfers since Pavones is famous for having the 2nd longest wave in the world. We started at Zancudo Beach but first, we went to a half-hidden public entrance, which reaches a part of the beach that has small waves, there we had an impromptu Surf class where we were the kings of the foam. And with that, we felt that we were fitting in more with the rest of the surfers... Once the class was over we went to the main entrance of Zancudo, which is where most people arrive. The beach is giant and very cool since it was already in the sea did not look so blue. What you’ll love about this beach is that you can go to the sea without problems because on the other beaches you have to be more careful due to the currents and rocks.

The next day we got up early again to go to the surfing area since we had graduated from foam 1 we felt very confident haha, and we had a good time doing what we did, not as successful as we would have liked, but we enjoyed.

Later we went to Pavone's downtown, we entered through the main entrance of Pavones, where there is a super well-kept park with many trees to create some shade in front of the beach. This place was great because, in addition to having a good beach, with super-blue water that was combined with an intense blue, it also has a just good estuary just in front of the beach, with cold water, perfect for the summer heat. You can get in the water without fear, it is very nice and you forget about the thing risks of the sea, so we settled here and we stayed for a good time.

At Pavones we went to lunch at a restaurant that Christophe recommended, called Tico Mex to eat a giant burrito. At the end of the day, we went to Punta Banco to see the sunset and look for some great natural pools that are made in the stones at low tide, another recommendation from Christophe. So we got to the end of the road and walked to the left about 100 meters to get to the reefs where the pools were. We chilled here for a while and then watched the super sunset. The road and the little beaches on the way to Punta Banco enchanted us; so we planned on going back the next day to enjoy it longer.

On Wednesday we went to a spot we had seen the previous day, we looked for shade and decided that we would relax and zone out; We put up the hammocks, threw ourselves to the ground. The sea was not very friendly so we preferred not to go in, but the colors were lovely. When we felt well-rested we went to walk on a stone that was on the right side, and we found several very photogenic places, Glori even though she was a model and she finished off our camera roll. Then it was time to go to lunch, so we went back to start preparing the stuff and go to our next destination: Biolley.

March 2018

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