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We went to the Papagayo Gulf to have a mystical and awesome experience at the Mangroove Hotel, a cool family-oriented place with spectacular design in harmony with nature.

How to get there?

From San José, if there is no traffic, take Route 27 to join Route 1 until you reach Liberia, there turn left for 20 more minutes until you see the entrance on the right that goes to the Papagayo Peninsula and after 25 minutes you arrive directly at the Mangroove Hotel.


Distance:Depends how long you want to walk on the beach

What to bring?
Swimsuit, sunscreen, nice summer clothes to eat in the restaurant, towel, sunglasses, repellent, and desire to have a good time.


Local Package Vibes $ 209 + imp. Room for 2 people.
Spend the day $ 75 consumables.


We headed towards the Gulf of Papagayo, Glori and Karlita left on a hotel bus and I arrived straight from Tamarindo to meet at lunchtime (very convenient) in the Mangroove that is right in the Gulf of Papagayo.

We arrived and were greeted with a welcome cocktail and then we went straight to eat at the restaurant that is located right next to the pool. The design of this place is very cool, they managed to integrate the architecture with the existing Guanacaste trees, generating spaces full of nature wherever they may be.

The food was something tremendous, worth every bite, every dish served/eaten is a mix of mystical-wild-delicious local ingredients, dish after dish we wiped out everything and we were more than satisfied.

After lunch we changed to go to visit Jícaro beach, this one is very popular for boat tours but generally has garbage, either from the people who visit it or the same trash that drags the current of the sea with the tides … so we gave ourselves the task of cleaning the beach until you looked really clean.

We do this because it is our duty to take care of the planet, to give the example to others by picking up trash even when it’s not ours, it’s not fair to be indifferent with this problem that poisons the seas and the planet.

When we finished cleaning and the drone was flying, we could see a huge stingray crossing in front of us, I think this was the prize for having done this cleaning at sunset … then we went back to the hotel. Once at the hotel we had 2 hours to kill before dinner, so we decided to go to the spa’s sauna and then take a well-deserved shower, then we had a delicious dinner.

The next day we got up early to have breakfast at the hotel restaurant … I do not know if it is because breakfast is my favorite food but the buffet was awesome and we ate enough to go straight to the Palo Verde National Park tour.

On the way back to the bus, we went to Hacienda el Viejo to get a cool drink and then we continued until we reached the river that feeds the Palo Verde wetlands. The tour was all by boat and we saw lots of crocodiles, birds, lizards, iguanas and monkeys … which reminds us of the importance of water.

When we finished the tour by the river we went back to El Viejo hacienda to learn the history and lifestyle of Guanacaste from years ago. We also made tortillas and sugar cane mills before going to lunch, it was really neat and entertaining.

After lunch we went to the hotel again to do a very touching activity planned by the staff, we planted some monkeypod trees which symbolize the hotel’s commitment to nature.

When we arrived at dusk we were blown to ride a bike on the beach … then we got all dressed up to go enjoy our last dinner at this beautiful hotel.

By: Qué Buen Lugar

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