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Iguanita Beach

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Que Buen LugarPublished in Que Buen Lugar · Sep 11, 2021

A couple of months ago we visited one of the most beautiful and crystalline beaches of Guanacaste, called Playa Iguanita, just 30 minutes from Liberia.

How to get there?

Take Route 1 towards Guanacaste


Distance: free

Difficulty: Easy

Accessibility: Yes it is accessible

What to bring? Comfy light clothes, swimsuit, towel, sunscreen, trail tennis shoes, sandals, repellent, reusable water bottle, snacks and an excellent attitude.

Vehicle: 4×4 vehicle

Parking: Yes

Pets: No

Camping: Yes

Contact: Kayak Playa Iguanita: 83177808


Kayak Playa Iguanita: 25,000 per person

Iguanita Beach 1,000


We left San José and stayed in Liberia for a weekend, and taking advantage of the fact that we were in the area, we went to Iguanita beach.

Playa Iguanita is only 30 minutes away, you have to take into account that the road to go down to the beach is for 4×4 cars since the road is made of ballast and loose stone.

When we arrived we passed by the park rangers' house and parked under the shade of the trees. This is a perfect beach for its tasty shade, the water is crystal clear without waves, perfect to go with children, swim and kayak (which was what we did).

We ran into our friend Gabriel from Pteronotus Kayak who had everything ready for us to set sail and make a beautiful tour of this gulf, it is a great rowing experience and depending on the time they have, the tour is longer or shorter, we rowed for a while during the sunset, then we made a stop to jump into the water that had a perfect temperature and then we went to the estuary that has super crystal clear water and here we could see a lot of fish jumping, to finish watching the sunset in the water.

At the end we ate a fruity banquet with refreshments to recharge batteries and go back to our lodging in Liberia.

*DATE OF TRIP: July 2021

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