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Que Buen LugarPublished in Que Buen Lugar · Nov 24, 2017

Most times we go to Guanacaste we don’t take advantage as we should, so on this trip, we decided to go and discover new corners in places that maybe we already knew of, but with the addition of water toys such as a kayak and paddleboard.

How to get there?

Pipe House Playa Grande with: Waze Minas Beach with: Waze Vehicle: Every vehicle arrives. But we recommend you to use a high ground clearance car for the rainy season. Time: whatever you want Pets: Of course. Cost: Pipe House:$ 40 per Tube-Room Kayak Tour:$ 34 per Person Paddle Board:$

What to bring? Bathing suit/trunks, clothes with solar protection, blocker, repellent, sunglasses, towel, beach blanket, sandals, things to snack on and drink


A couple of weeks ago we posted the first part of a fleeting trip through some of our favorite Guana beaches. So that's how we arrived at Playa Grande in the evening, where our friend Felipe had a very peculiar lodging spot called Pipe House.

This place has a patio surrounded by giant concrete pipes that make up a room with a queen bed, air conditioning and a lamp with light to put our stuff down. The place also has a kitchen, dining room and shared bathrooms. Although here we arrived at night and too tired to notice it all, the central space is a small fun area with a slackline and balance board, which left us dead and ready for the next day.

The next day we woke up at 6 am to go kayaking, while we got ready Javi Ruín arrived, who knows them all there is about flora and fauna of the mangroves. We mounted the kayaks in the car and went to find the estuary with our friends of EDGM Workgroup who took care of the aerial shots. Taking advantage of the high tide we rowed through the impressive mangrove more than 3 kilometers inland, while we saw the different types of mangrove, birds, crocodiles, and monkeys. The mangrove of Playa Grande / Tamarindo is the largest mangrove forest in Latin America, and it is a big deal worldwide.

After about 3 hours into the tour we returned to the mainland where we learned that Felipe left the keys stuck inside the car ... so after many Youtube videos, and multiple attempts we managed to open the car to return to Pipe House and go to lunch.

After lunch, we met again with the team to go to one of our favorite beaches ... Playa Minas. Here after appreciating the epicness of the beach, we were given some instructions from Javier and went offshore in SUP. The day was amazing and the super crystalline sea during the first 10 minutes of paddling was awesome, clear enough to see the bottom. They were all too pro in this crap, except for me ...I almost drifted back into the sand, but after getting some bullying I tried again ... and I did not succeed. It was like that while everyone was doing SUP (Stand Up Paddle), I was doing something more like SDP (Sit Down Paddle), more like a kayak. But the others enjoyed it a lot and even though the sea was quite rough they managed to keep their balance and get to the rocks where they saw some cool caves.

Once back on the beach, Tavo took out his beach games to make the evening enjoyable, and with a super neat sunset and unbeatable company, we called it a day.

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