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Playa Carrillo

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Que Buen LugarPublished in Que Buen Lugar · Nov 11, 2022

We went to one of the most beautiful and accessible beaches in Costa Rica… With millions of palm trees to hang hammocks and 2 kilometers of white sand, Playa Carrillo in Guanacaste is a perfect place to enjoy with family and friends. So we took advantage of the discounts with the BAC Credomatic cards (discounts here) and found a really nice hotel. 

**How to get there? **   Waze: Carrillo Beach:    Hotel Legend:    Distance: 4 km total    Difficulty: Moderate    Accessibility: It is accessible 

What to bring?    Comfortable beach clothes, sun protection, repellent, chairs, beach umbrella, blankets, hydration, towel and an excellent attitude.    Vehicle: Automobile  Parking: Yes  Pets: Yes  Campsite: No  Hours: Always open  Contact: Hotel Leyenda Lodging [email protected]    Cost: Varies depending on the season 


We left on a Friday afternoon for Playa Carrillo in Guanacaste, heading to our Hotel Leyenda lodging just 2 km from the beach. Since we left late, we all arrived at night.

The next morning we woke up wanting to go for a walk and have a blast but it was raining… so we went to have breakfast at the hotel restaurant and then we waited for it to clear up in the room. Time passed and it did not stop raining, as it turns out that according to the news we were in tropical storm # 1457 of the year. 

The Hotel Leyenda is beautiful, it exceeded our expectations with spacious and comfortable rooms, impeccable gardens, a central pool and a restaurant with scrumptious food.

When it was time for lunch we went to the center of Samara to look for a restaurant to eat something and we ended up in a place in front of the beach. It rained little but when we were finishing up, it started to rain even harder.

When we headed back to the hotel we passed Carrillo again and got off at the beach since it hardly rained. This beach is very beautiful, it is accessible, the car is close by, there are millions of palm trees to hang hammocks, it is very clean and it even has concrete tables for a picnic under the shade of the palm trees.

We went for a little walk on the beach, we played with Moss (Glori's dog) and Karlita got off with Julian (the baby). We had just over 15 minutes when the water came back, so we ran back to the car, and from the car straight to the hotel room.

The next day after breakfast the weather seemed a bit more promising, the sun came out and so we went back to the beach. On the beach we played, we ran, we walked, we went into the sea, we enjoyed paddle tennis with rain and without rain. We were able to be there until 2:30pm, until the water came. In the end it's about enjoying as much as possible, and that's what we did... we had a good time with friends like we´d had so many times before.

After being on the beach we returned to pick up our things at the Leyenda hotel and have a delicious lunch before returning to San José. 

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