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Pico Blanco

San José

While Peak Hill, 2271 meters above sea level, Escazú
It is a hill of volcanic origin and It has the fourth highest peak of the hills in Escazú region.

How to get there?
San Antonio de Escazú, from the cemetery, climb about 1km.
with Waze

What to bring?
Sportswear, trail or hiking shoes, windbreaker or jacket, extra clothes to change afterward.

It is important to bring energy-boosting snacks, like dehydrated fruits or seeds … Minimum 3 bottles of water to stay hydrated.
Picnic to share at the top of the hill.

Guide Contact Oskar 8862-1173


Our adventure began on a dead-end street in San Antonio of Escazú, where we parked the car and started to walk uphill for what it seemed (and indeed it was) a downhill track, after dodging several kids in four-wheelers and continuing for about 700 meters without changing direction we reached a more civilized road where we continued walking a little over 1km, passing a small and beautiful ravine between the road and the mountain.

All this did not have to happen … we realized there is a simpler way to get to this spot, it does not involve taking the road we took that was for lunatics in four-wheelers, it was simply on the street that comes from Bebedero of Escazú, from there you can look where to climb up the mountain passing through a property with a giant wall on the left, make sure not let go of the accelerator because it is quite steep, that’s where you arrive at a flat surface, I’ll let you know that there were several cars parked, one of which was a white 80’s Toyota Starlet, so any regular sedan car can make it to the top. Higher up the road becomes narrower, that’s when you come across a “fence”, to the left you’ll see a river made of strange stones and on the right a very cool path is formed where there is a tree with an orange ribbon around it letting us know that this is the direction you want to go to.

OK Then we started walking the path… it goes up, and up, and up a bit further into the humid forest, then we came across a forest of mystical cypress trees (all this without pausing), then we entered a forest where we arrived at an old abandoned construction site where we thought we had lost our way through the jungle, since it became each time narrower, but luckily we bumped into some nice locals that told us we were going in the right direction, we just had to keep taking the paths making right turns always until you get to the sign that says “Cerro Pico Blanco”.

You should keep in mind that it is hot and humid once the walk begins but up the hill the air gets cold and windy, so it’s good to be prepared with a jacket for the wind so you can enjoy the top with your buddies, eat some sandwiches and relax while your body recover from the climb.

Once recovered, we began the slippery descent from a more commonly known and crowded path (after we realized that everyone climbs up where we climbed down but the truth is that we enjoyed the unnecessary exercise) surrounded by a denser and greener forest, out of nowhere, we saw some monstrous rocks that came out like balconies of the mountain, showing us a view of the central valley, simply amazing. From that point on the path continues down the mountain passing stones until you reach the street where the little white Toyota was parked.

Hike:4 hours
Difficulty:Moderate high

By: Qué Buen Lugar

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