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MONTEZUMA - Puntarenas

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Que Buen LugarPublished in Que Buen Lugar · Sep 17, 2018

We went to Montezuma to live the experience of a small town, very colorful, which is not only beach, it also has very spectacular waterfalls and rivers with perfect pools to take a dip.

How to get there?

From San José to Puntarenas, take the Ferry to Paquera, then drive towards Cóbano, once in Cóbano, take the deviation to Montezuma, continue on the road for about 6.5 km to reach Montezuma Beach.

Waterfall: Pass the town towards Cabuya and 500 meters on the right is the parking lot.

Poza: On the way to Cabuya, Miguelón, pass the first small yellow metal bridge that is after the waterfall. There is no sign.


Montezuma: [https: //](https: //


Miguelón River: [https: //](https: //

Distance: 1km Total (Waterfall Walk)

Difficulty: Easy / Moderate

Accessibility: Not accessible

What to bring? Fresh clothes, swimsuit, repellent, sunscreen, trail tennis shoes, sandals, towel, reusable water bottle, snacks and an excellent attitude.

Vehicle: Automobile / High ground clearance 4x4

Parking: Yes

Pets: Yes

Camping: Yes

Contact: Not needed

Cost: Free


For this trip we changed a bit the logistics that are accustomed to, and as part of an intense week that we had planned, we went straight to the port to catch the 5pm ferry on a Sunday, in order to arrive to Montezuma to sleep

Everything went according to plan, we arrived on time, there were no cars and the weather was nice for the hour and a half long ferry ride. We arrived at Montezuma at  Los Mangos Hotel, settled in and left, since one of the attractions of Montezuma is to see the sunrise. The only problem was that we got up and just before leaving it started to rain and boommm, our freaking plan was ruined. The silver lining was that we could sleep for 2 more hours.

Starting the day again now, It was a little passed 7am and it was not raining, we went to have breakfast at a restaurant downtown, and then went to the main beaches. The beach is divided into 2, both are very cool. Once there we took the opportunity to relax for a while and chill out at the beach.

The next plan was for Glori to take us to see a pool that she visited when she was young and did not remember very well how to get there. The pool is in the river Miguelón, you just have to go up the river. Everything was going very well, until suddenly, the unfortunate event we hoped never happened to us happened, the first accident of Que Buen Lugar, Trejos cut his leg when crossing the bridge with a bad metal floor. The moment was very ugly, we divided in 2, some went with Trejos to the clinic of Cóbano and others we stayed to be able to complete the plan, since we had a commitment and we could not fail. The good thing was that Trejos was fine, his leg was stitched and he was well.

Glori and I continued looking for the pool and after 30 minutes of walking upstream we came to a natural pool with a little waterfall, very cute. The place has 2 pools, one above that to see it you have to climb a bit and then to descend the best way is to jump to the other pool, but it is very easy and the water is delicious. After a while we went back downtown to meet the others and prepare for lunch.

To end the day we went to the classic Montezuma waterfall, you walk like 10 or 15 minutes to get there. The main waterfall is very large with a giant pool, the water was delicious and clear, because sometimes it can look like coffee, when it does not have so much water. While here, we got in the pool, obviously. The place has 2 other waterfalls but since Trejos was injured we stayed put.

After a very intense day we went back to the hotel to grab our stuff and go to the other destination that awaited us the next day.

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