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Minas de Hacienda el Rodeo – San José

San José

We went to discover the old mines of Villa Colon in an incredible walk among giant trees and a river that made our souls happy. So get your bottle of water ready and take a walk.

How to get there?
Take route 27 towards Ciudad Colón and then continue to the Rodeo on the right.


Distance:16 km


Accessibility:Not accessible

What to bring?
Comfortable and fresh clothes, trail/hiking shoes, flashlight, lots of water, hat, sunscreen, repellent, snacks and an excellent attitude.





Tel:8821-4738 / 8852-2000
Cost:¢ 10 000


We started at almost 8 am from the historic house of the Hotel El Rodeo in Ciudad Colón, where we ran into our guide Don Víctor.

The walk started on the street towards the University de la Paz, from there we continued and after climbing a hill the road became beautiful. We began to descend and the forest began to surround us, giant trees mark the path between some paddocks while providing us with the necessary shade to continue.

After half an hour we reached a super cool point where a clearing opens with a view towards the central valley and in the background, we can see the Poás volcano. We continued walking to a giant Guanacaste tree where we sat down for a picnic.

Then we continued walking along the path that became a trail until we reached a small intersection where we turned right to continued down a little further and reach the famous mines …

We took things off and turned on the flashlights to enter the cave, we were exploring for about 15 minutes and left on the other side almost having to crawl out, but nothing out of the ordinary.

We continued walking through the farm where the mines are to then went through pastures that would take us to a waterfall. On the way, Don Victor’s wife came to give us a snack of fruits and cold water that felt like a little piece of heaven.

When we got to the waterfall it was dry, but when It rains It gets filled with water. We walked the upper part and then went down, where we run into a river stuck in the forest, super cute and we were there for easily half an hour until we decided to go up and do another picnic before continuing the walk.

After leaving the paddocks, we arrive at the main street, where we climbed another 7 kilometres until we got back to the Rodeo.

By: Qué Buen Lugar

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