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Maquengue – Siquirres


By: Qué Buen Lugar

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We went on a trip to a place located in La Alegría of Siquirres, which turned out to be a paradise of super-sized waterfalls of all sizes, shapes, and colors … on the way we made the music video of the dudes from Chillax (yes we’re actually in the video !! ) so do not hesitate to visit this awesome country and put on the best soundtrack for the ride.

How to get there?
You have to take route 32 towards Limón, after an hour and a half or so you turn right to La Alegría of Siquirres. Here you have to pass the center of the town and then you have to turn right towards the entrance of the farm.


8825-1563 / 8854-6363 / 8399-3344

· Rate to spend the day:
¢ 5000 for each adult person
¢ 2,500 children

· Lodging:
2 people: ¢ 30 000
3 people: ¢ 40 000
4 people: ¢ 50 000

What to bring?
Fresh clothes, trail tennis shoes, swimsuit, towel, insect repellent and dry clothes to change into afterward.


We went out at 6:30 am with the guys from chillax to a farm located on the mountain of La Alegría of Siquirres, this is the route to get to Turrialba in shortcut. On the way we had breakfast at the first restaurant that we passed going down Zurquí, this is called El Yugo and honestly, it was pretty good food.

We continued straight a little further until we turned right towards La Alegría of Siquirres, after passing the center we begin to climb the mountain until we reached Maquengue, this is a place that has lodging, food, nice view, swimming pool and trails that lead to the best waterfalls in the area.

We got to the lodge and unloaded of stuff to get ready to go for a walk to the falls. The route began by going down about 400 meters down a paved street, passing through a stable and then turning into a nice little path, under the shade next to the river. After a half-hour of walking we reached the first waterfall called El Buy (the ox) … it was awesome, had cold water with a good pool and a dense forest that protects it from pastures. We were here a while chatting nonsense… then we continued to one of the largest waterfalls of the property called La Cueva! (The Cave)

To reach La Cueva, we walked for half an hour along the same path, crossed a rope bridge until we reached it which was super nice, higher, with a large pool and good for the intense splash. We also took a while to enjoy the spot, picnic, tune out and take candid pics of the place.

Then we had to go back and visit yet another of the waterfalls that are made from the same river, this one was called La Siamesa (siamese), and it was close to where the trail started (we saw the waterfalls in a messy order). This one was smaller and had more light … this gave it a mystical vibe, in addition to its epic pool surrounded by the same tropical forest. We finished taking pictures and videos here and we went back to lunch and continue to pump it up with the dudes from Chillax.

DATE OF THE WALK – April 2018



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