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Manuel Antonio y Catarata El Salto

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Que Buen LugarPublished in Que Buen Lugar · Nov 24, 2017

Last weekend we escaped to Selina Hostel in Manuel Antonio ... a paradisiacal place in one of the most awesome, tropical and well-known spots in our country ... but since we enjoy discovering new places we decided to go and check out a waterfall in the middle of the mountain between Quepos and Manuel Antonio called El Salto, which turned out to be incredible. In addition to visiting the already known but really cool National Park.

How to get there? Take Route 27 and then turn off towards the south coast until you reach Quepos.

Selina Hostel Manuel Antonio With: Waze Waterfall With: Waze Entrance to beach With: Waze

What to bring? Bathing suit, towel, hammock, repellent, sunscreen, hat, change of clothes, and an excellent attitude.

Distance: 2.5 km (Walk to the waterfall) Difficulty: Easy Vehicle: Automobile Parking: No, we leave the car in the dead-end road where you enter the waterfall. SELINA hostels: Yes Pets: Yes Camping: No Contact:


Email: [email protected]


Cost: From $ 10 a night! Catarata el Salto: Free


As I told you briefly we went to Manuel Antonio, where we stayed in Selina, a really GIANT hostel, it’s newly furnished, with a super new and interesting concept where they combine the nature of Manuel Antonio with the best in gastronomy, customer service, relaxation, business, and outdoor activities. It is a super cool place and with good prices, very recommended.

When we arrived at night and raining we had no idea what the plan was, what we did know was that we were going to sleep very well. The next day we got the surprise when the sun came up ... we woke up in one of Selina's villas, where everything is connected by meandering brick paths which contrasts with the white graffiti walls and pools surrounded by rooms.

After changing we went to the restaurant for breakfast with a very spectacular view, we finished getting ready to go to see the mysterious waterfall of Manuel Antonio. To get to the starting point we returned no more than 5 minutes by car, and we got into an entrance that says Valle Pura Vida, here we followed the street to the end and left the car parked at the end of a dead-end street.

We started to walk and at 100 meters we crossed a bridge and followed a path that was next to the stream at all times. The road is awesome, one goes through the water between the stones of the forest, in addition, there is no way to get lost because here it is only going downstream until you reach the waterfall. Once at the waterfall if we want to get down (really worth it) can be done in 2 ways, the first: jumping ... and the second: jumping!

The first to dice into the water was Tavo, then Karlita, then I and the last was Glori after some cheering and peer pressure. At the bottom, we were fooling around for a while until the exciting part arrived ... THE RISE. Here you have to go to the left of the waterfall, where with luck you will see a rope to climb again, it is very difficult and takes a lot of strength in your arms. Tip: keep the body as close to the stone wall and push hard with the feet.

After we were all up, we returned to Selina for a delicious lunch... It was starting to get late, so we got ready again to go to the Manuel Antonio National Park. The national park closes at 4 and we arrived at 3! So we had 1 hour to walk, enjoy, sleep, see monkeys-pizotes-iguanas and then listen to the whistle of the park ranger to leave the park. The park is full of monkeys and lovely beaches, we stayed at Playa Manuel Antonio which is the best known because it looks like a pool and the water is crystal clear. We also went to Espadilla Sur, which is right next to it, where there are fewer people but the sea is more choppy.

To finish our day, we just needed to catch the sunset, then we went down a path that led to the end of Manuel Antonio beach (in the public part) where there was almost nobody. In theory, this road they say is only for 4 × 4, but we did not really see it in such a bad state. They call the place Playitas, where we parked and we went to find a spot to hang the hammocks ... The sun fell and the bugs began to bite us so we went to Selina again, we had a delicious fusion of food to go and rest happily.

After visiting here, there is something very clear ... even if we go to a place we’ve already been to, there will always be places and new activities to discover. You have to venture out and go out into the unknown, it is worth talking to the locals as well, who will always guide us to these special corners.

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