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Macaw Lodge – Turrubares

San José

By: Qué Buen Lugar

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It’s so neat to hike and discover new places! We went to Turrubares with Yuplón to visit a place called Macaw Lodge hidden in the mountains and make our review, this place is perfect to connect with nature among its gardens, birds, waterfalls, lots of vegetation and meditating on the yoga deck.

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How to get there?
Take Route 27 and turn off towards Bijagual and in the plaza turn left for 10 more km


Distance:1km total
Accessibility:Yes, It’s accessible

What to bring?
Fresh clothes, trail tennis shoes, waterproof jacket, swimsuit, towel, insect repellent, change of clothes and an excellent attitude.

tel: 8310-9073


We left San José on Saturday afternoon without really knowing where to go, we started to go into the mountains, passing incredible views and arrived at Macaw Lodge just in time for dinner, which by the way was yummy. Since it was late, we couldn’t really appreciate the hotel but they showed us the place and told us about the history. So it turns out that there were farms with damaged land by monocultures and some brothers began to reforest and later they started using it for tourism until they ended up making a hotel as sustainable as possible, they have a vegetable garden, solar panels, the water comes from springs, beekeeping, etc. Everything about it is cool..

The room has a large window with a screen that overlooks a little pond, you couldn’t see anything but we fell asleep with the sound of frogs. The next day, as soon as the sun rises, we opened the curtains to see the view we had and it was indeed the best. There was a lake surrounded by beautiful gardens. We got ready to go to breakfast and waited for Karlita to arrive to head out and really get to know the whole place.

The place really has beautiful gardens and beautiful trails, you can see lots of limpets, herons, hummingbirds; toucans, oropendolas and a bunch of other birds. We began to walk along the path passing through different gardens of palm trees, heliconias, and a lake with lotus flowers like a movie. Then we got to the Yoga deck which is awesome, next to a river and surrounded by bamboo. From here we continued on our way to the waterfall which was a 15-minute walk. The waterfall was very cool and quite full of water because we just had some rain. They were two of them, the top one is bigger and nicer, it’s perfect to climb up and look for the spot with the ideal water pressure for a massage and a natural shower. There is a little something for everyone. Wandering around, we found a personal mini-jacuzzi which was also delicious. We were there for a bit because the water was delicious. Then we went to the little one that had a slightly deeper pool, which was also nice.

And well that was enough water for us so we returned to do some yoga with the little flexibility we have. The deck was super relaxing. It was great. When we finished pretending to be yogis we were hungry so went to lunch. The food here is delicious, all natural and fresh because almost everything is produced by them. And finally we went to do the tour through the orchard, which has all kinds of plants, there are cacao plantations, there is a beekeeping area, It is very interesting to see the project that this hotel has in order to be 100% sustainable.

Date of the trip: November 2018


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