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Locos por el Bosque – Coronado

San José

By: Qué Buen Lugar

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This place is somewhere above the the clouds up and it’s forest made us fall in love… Maybe that’s the reason it got its name which defines its inhabitants, who are its guardians, guides and hosts.

How to get there?

With Waze

You have to head towards Coronado to Las Nubes 18kms until you reach a wooden cabin that says Locos por el Bosque.

Vehicle:High car (cars can park in the school and walk from there)
Parking:Next to the street
Distance:7 km (time 3:20) in total.

What to bring?
Comfortable clothes for walking, snacks, and beverage for about 3 hours of walking, coat, waterproof jacket or poncho, and an excellent attitude.

Camping:You can coordinate to sleep inside the cabin.
tel: 4080-3210 / 8361-6292 Whatsapp
They operate any day of the week with a minimum of 5 people.
Cost:¢ 3000 per person


For this trip, we were to meet with the guides at 8 am, and we didn’t calculate well the time so we were super late… and the worse thing is that it is only 1 hour away from San Isidro de Coronado.

When we arrived we were greeted by a nice guy that gave us a map of the site and a brief explanation of the route. It was then that we walked to the entrance of the path through a street in very poor condition (legitimate dirt road for four-wheelers).

When we got to the entrance of the path Randall received us, he is another guy from the staff of Locos por el Bosque, and told us first to follow the orange ribbons to get to the river, and the pink ones for the lookout.

The road in very good condition, it leads into the mountain, a humid forest typical of the Caribbean area, and it starts to wind in the jungle until it reaches steps (which you have to climb later) to reach the river Cajón. This river is intense yellow due to the minerals of volcanic origin, it is quite cold (we did not enter) and surrounded by awesome forest.

After that, we went up to the steps, which for some strange reason was not as terrible as we thought … and we continued to the viewpoint. The viewpoint is about 15 minutes from the killer steps, and the road is tuanis without much up or down. From the viewpoint you can see to the right a huge waterfall stuck in the mountain, therefrom that natural balcony is the ideal time to breathe, appreciate and enjoy the nature that surrounds us.

Once we ate and recovered, we got our junk together to return, since you still have halfway to go …

DATE OF THE WALK – July 2016


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