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By: Qué Buen Lugar

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Hidden in Playon de Parrita are three natural pools surrounded by trees, perfect to go to cool off and have a good time. A place that not many know about but for sure is worth visiting.

How to get there?
Route 27 Playón of Parrita Central Pacific

Distance:3km Total

What to bring?
Tennis, swimwear, sunscreen, towel, plenty of water, comfortable clothes and food.

Accessibility:Not accessible
Cost:¢ 3000 Nationals


A few days ago they had not talked about some pools that were in Parrita but we did not know exactly where. When we found the information we took off, went to breakfast at a place called Soda Guacimo after the Tárcoles river, so yummy. Then we continued on our way to Parrita until we reached Playón de Parrita and when we arrived at the sign that said waterfall we asked at a house where they told us where to enter, we paid the entrance and you can park the car right there.

We walked a bit between paddocks, passed some cows and puddles until we reached the river, the heat was very strong so it was the perfect place to cool off. The rainy season had not started yet the springs were was not so full. When you come to the left you go up a little path next to the river until you reach the pools. There are 3 pools and 2 are quite deep and surrounded by good stone then they are great to try to do tricks and dive from different points in different ways. There were some locals there that are always the ones who know the tricks and are pretty good at jumping in with style and pumping others to jump in too.

On this walk, we were trying out the drone for the first time, and in theory, Tavo had practiced a bit. While there he took it out and started to fly, all right until suddenly the drone stopped listening to him and started hitting every branch there was and the worst thing was that under the branches were the pools. Tavo started yelling at me to catch it but it was impossible. By the way, when it decided to land, it fell in the mountain from pure coincidence, safe and sound, with a couple of scrapes on the propellers.

After the scare we got into the water to relax, we jumped into the pool. The second from top to bottom is the deepest and from where everyone does the jumps. Then we stayed there in the stones at the edge of the pools enjoying the place. Little by little more people were arriving because it is spacious so people can spread around. Until suddenly a full bus of foreigners arrived, at that time it was already a little crowded. So the earlier you arrive, the better.

After that, we picked up our junk and headed back, had lunch in Jacó and then back home.



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