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San José

By: Qué Buen Lugar

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A lovely paddock overlooking the mountains and the sea without leaving the capital is a reality that can be enjoyed near Santa Ana … So pack your crap, call your buddies and go check it out.

How to get there?
If you are coming from San José, you take route 27 and exit in Ciudad Colón, after the toll take the first exit (about 400 m) on the left continue until you reach the street to Piedades of Santa Ana. Here you turn right and at the next intersection you have to go down the middle street, it’s called San Marcos street and then continue until you see the entrance to the paddock on the left. (There are some zinc cans there)


Distance:400 meters
Difficulty: Easy
Accessibility: Not accessible

What to bring?
Blanket to sit on the grass, sunscreen, food to share, cardboard slide, good repellent (there may be ticks) and a garbage bag to leave the place cleaner than you found it ????.

Vehicle: Automobile
Parking: On the street
Pets: Yes
Camping: No
Cost: FREE


The thing is that during a sunny afternoon we decided to take a short trip to a paddock that I recently discovered on the old road to Ciudad Colón. Before arriving at the place we went to a mini market that is close to buying snacks and then continued to the entrance of the paddock.

The car has to be parked on the curb and then all you have to do is go up and follow your instinct to find the best spot to sit at. The place has trails and it’s easy to walk, only some steep parts but nothing major.

The view from here is towards the Northwest (Heredia-Alajuela-Puntarenas) and if it is clear enough you can see the sea of the Gulf of Nicoya on the horizon. Another fact is that the wind is strong … a mixture of the windmill with the wind of Santa Ana.

What can you do here?
It’s all about enjoying the panoramic view with good company, you can also fly kites, slide yourself in cardboards downhill … We saw the sunset with a baguette in hand, accompanied by paté, yummy… We chilled in the grass and talked crap nonstop. During all of this, the dogs scampered everywhere and Drako was one to crash into people, he ran over Karlita and knocked out Glori while she was calmly walking, this dog is crazy but happy.

* You must be careful and check your clothes when you leave because since it’s a paddock we found several ticks.

DATE OF WALK: January 2018



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