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Que Buen LugarPublished in Que Buen Lugar · Nov 17, 2016

Ladies and gentlemen, yes, we are naughty and came back to Bajos de [sic]Toro to visit another awesome waterfall…They are called Las Gemelas (Female Twins) and are a combo of tremendous waterfalls which can drive crazy of such cuteness.

How to get there? In Bajos del Toro…near Rio Agrio, Tesoro Escondido, and more! Waze:

What to take? Comfortable clothing, trail tennis shoes, a waterproof jacket, dry bag, snacks.

Distance: 6.2 miles (10km ) Difficulty: Moderate to Strenuous Vehicle: Car (if you are going by Vara Blanca) or set Waze to La Luisa and then, go to the place. Parking: Side Street Pets: Yes Camping: No Contact Details:

AventuraXtrema ToroAmarillo Carlos Venegas Cellphone 8371-2530

Cost:¢4000 per person


We headed once again to Bajos del Toro…where it is true that you find waterfalls in every river. The best part of it is that we didn’t get tired of discovering and enjoying them. When we arrived to Bajos del Toro, we had meat empanada and coffee to wait for the rest of the group in order to meet at the starting point.  

We passed by all the waterfalls we have already visited such as Tesoro Escondido. Then, we passed the entrance of Rio Agrio waterfall. Five minutes later, we arrived to the entrance of a gravel road in the middle of pastures where we left the car.

After doing gentle stretching exercises with our tour guide, we started walking in that cloudy day, but with an unbeatable attitude. We hadn’t even walked 200meters when it rained buckets…This was then our first pit stop to put on our waterproof jackets. Meanwhile, Tavo was already singing Heya-Hee, asking the rain god to exchange the buckets for sunrays.  

Tavo’s chant worked. Shortly, it stopped raining. And of course, the rain left a slippery clay soil which we had to fight with along the 6.2 mile trail. Carlos (our tour guide) told us it might be better to do this trip in summer because of the road conditions. However, we think that part of the adevnture is getting muddy, slipping, and make fun of yourself. 

After walking in that trail for a while, we went down to a pasture. 30 minutes later, we arrived to the forest that safeguards the riverbed and the hidden waterfalls. The most strenuous part of the road was the last 100 meters of sliding down on our butts, but it wasn’t anything too difficult… As soon as we arrived, we saw the sky blue water characteristic of the area and the strong sound of the waterfalls up-river.

We continued a bit more through slippery rocks until we arrived to the waterfalls. They’re 2 super cool waterfalls, one really close from the other. One comes from Quebrada Gata River and the other from Quebrada Gatita River. We dropped our stuff and started to eat snacks while we enjoyed the mystic space. Water temperature was 8 (on the scale where 1 is thermal, 10beer). It is refreshing until you can’t feel any limb! Anyhow, a little bit down the river you will find a relaxing pool near where you can get in. 

After a while, we relaxed in our Ticket to the Moon hammocks to rest and then, go back to the pasture-forest-muddy trail until we arrived to the car wet, dirty, hungry, but happy of discovering another waterfall in Bajos del Toro, or the Valley of the Waterfalls.

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