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Que Buen LugarPublished in Que Buen Lugar · Sep 18, 2018

We went to Playa Langosta is the second destination in our tour with Claro (one of our sponsors) throughout the country. This beach, despite being next to Tamarindo, is not so visited which makes it more attractive ... a nice escape for a weekend.

How to get there? From San José take route 1 either by Cambronero or Caldera. Then you have to exit in La Amistad bridge towards Nicoya and when you reach Santa Cruz you have to turn left until you reach Villareal where you turn left to get to Tamarindo and then Playa Langosta.

Waze: The Coast Beachfront: Kayaks Distance:1km Difficulty:Easy Accessibility:Yes it is accessible

What to bring? Swimwear (duh), towel, sandals, fresh clothes, sunscreen, repellent, hat/cap, reusable bottle.

Vehicle:Automobile Parking:Yes Pets:No Camping:Yes Contact: Phone:2653-0125 Cost: The Coast: From $ 80 the double room Kayaks ¢ 10 000


We went to Playa Langosta in Guanacaste, it took us about 3 hours to arrive since we were coming from Montezuma so we arrived late at night at a hotel called The Coast, it is located between Playa Langosta and Tamarindo. Since we arrived late, we just settled in and went to sleep to rest for our adventure the next day.

On Tuesday we woke up, got ready, put on our swimwear and went for breakfast. After lunch, we went to a place that is far from the center of Tamarindo in which they rent kayaks at a fair price. We rent 2 so we can row up to the Captain Island that is pulling towards Playa Langosta.

We last around 20 minutes paddling to the Island, it is close and easy to get to ... you just have to get out of the kayak, so be careful while walking (there are a lot of rocks). The island has a peculiarity, it is full of giant snails. On the island, you can vegetate, look for shells, climb to the top, do a little snorkeling and of course take pictures.

After the kayaking we went to Playa Langosta and entered through San Miguel Park, one of the many passes to the beach, there is a small path of 50 m to get to the beach.

The cool thing about Playa Langosta is that access is not so easy, which means that there are fewer people, which means more peace and less pollution for the beach .... it also has enough trees that give perfect shade to put together a good picnic in front of the sea. So what we did was lay our blankets in the sand and play with paddles, frisbee, bathe and then walk for a while.

Another thing to do is go to Punta Madero, this is the stone mountain that divides Tamarindo from Langosta ... we went at noon but it’s ideal to be there for the sunset. To end our trip, we went to the other side of Langosta where is there is an estuary that separates the beach from Pinilla. Finally we went back to the hotel to get our things ready to go to our next destination.

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