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Lago Arenal & Laguna Cote


By: Qué Buen Lugar

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Prepare to get soaked and pump it up, because we bring you a couple of plans near Tilarán that will leave you wanting to stay and never return to the city.

How to get there?
Take the Interamerican North and turn off in Cañas until you reach Tilarán. Then continue to Tronadora.

Puerto San Luis (Fly Zone CR):
Hospedaje Bed & Breakfast Monte Terras:
Laguna Cote:
La Ceiba:

What to bring?
Bathing suit, towel, hat, sunscreen, change of clothes, sandals and an excellent attitude.



Fly Zone Costa Rica:
Phone: 8339-5876

B & B Monte Terras:
Phone: 2693-1349

Fly Zone Costa Rica: (1/12/16 – 11/30/17)
The prices are for the time (for the whole group) maximum of 9 people, the recommended is 6 people to go more comfortable in the boat.
1 Hour $ 135
2 Hours $ 245
3 Hours $ 345
Half-Day (4 hours) $ 440
Full-Day (8 hours) $ 780

Classes are with reservation (the cost is NOT PER PERSON IT’S PER GROUP) includes the use of a board that incredibly awesome and the life vest.

LODGING at B & B Monte Terras:
¢ 35000 x 2 people – ¢ 30000 x 3 people – ¢ 40000 x 4 people
Laguna Cote:Free
La Ceiba:¢ 2000 per person


We left very late on Friday and arrived almost at midnight at the B & B Monte Terra, in the village of Tronadora. Perfect to rest on Saturday, we already knew that it was going to be a very hot and tiring day.

We woke up at 6 and put something on, breakfast arrived at the door of the room, a pyramid of pancakes, eggs, cheese, fruit juice and obviously … coffee. When we left for the car we were in shocked to see the view of Lake Arenal in front of the lodge, an impressive panoramic view over the mountain … something wicked, you could even the Arenal Volcano.

Then we went to Puerto San Luis (about 5 minutes) to meet Sander, the wakeboarding teacher. He was already in the boat waiting for us with all the water toys ready to show us. The thing was 100% practical, he gave us all the possible posture tips and then into the water we went.

The first one to jump in was Tavo, who did it like a champion (he had already done it), and was giving it his best for a while. Then it was Karlita who, thanks to the instructions from the boat, managed to do it the first time and did her thing until she was exhausted. Then Glori tried it Viking style but failed and landed on her face, she tried again but she was messed up so then it was my turn, I managed it the second time and I played it cool, I just could not get to the right side of the boat because I was getting lost. To finish the day, Carlitos and the teacher were sent leaving us as novices (we are).

To finish the water activities we did a mini championship with the super funny donut, in which after several tragic flights and a really close tie, Karlita was crowned champion of the aquatic dona.

Already tired of being in the water all morning we went to recharge and have lunch in a delicious seafood restaurant, near the port where we were staying. We devoured the dishes in two seconds, they were incredible. The day did not end there, after lunch we changed and went to look for the Laguna Cote in Nuevo Arenal and a famous tree ” La Ceiba ”.

First, we went to see the famous tree that they say was the inspiration of the tree of life that appears in the movie Avatar. You climb a hill and you get to this giant green tree and it’s awesome. From there you can see Lake Arenal which gives it a special vibe. And they told us that the special thing is that the Malekus used that Ceiba and together with an island that is in front to measure its calendar.

To end our trip we went to Lake Cote, which is famous for 2 reasons, the first because there the picture of a UFO was taken many years ago (apparently it’s real) and the other because it is very rare. To get there we lasted almost 1 hour. ⅓ of the road was ballast in not very good condition. The place we get to park at and see the sunset is apparently a lot of a private estate (but it is open to the public), and that people (like us) get to hang out at.

The sunset was something impressive, and we would have stayed a bit longer if it had not been for the mosquitoes that were eating us alive … After that, we went looking for a place to have dinner near Monte Terra.

After dinner, we passed out until the next day, always satisfied by our day doing what we like, showing that Costa Rica is bigger inside than outside and that the experiences are practically unlimited.

*** BONUS !!!! The best food on the planet … I’m not exaggerating … It’s called Cevichera La Pasadita.



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